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Ammeca Love

For all those who are fighting with the feelings that it would be better to die than to live.

I pray that those who are fighting the feeling that it would be better to die than to live. I pray that they will find the love of God and that there is always a reason for life untill God calls you on. That they will find someone to talk to when they feel that they can not go on. That those who are called upon will have the right words to help.
jamala90 -7/20/2001
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7/25/2001 20:54

My prayers goes out to all those who find living a struggle, that God showers them with the strength to fight on. That God send them good people, who speaks kind words and bring them to the path of Light and Truth. As long as one lives, there is hope and we have so much to hope for. The fact that we are born means that we have a reason to live. And may we all find meaning to live life to the full. May all discover in themselves the gentleness in them, and that this will make them be kind to themselves. We are always our worst enermy and may we love and accept ourselves like God does. Amen.

7/27/2001 16:19

My name is mona,I am in a very deep depression,it,s been almost for 25 years.I became addicted to prescription drugs.My health is going backwards.I dont move from my bed mainly because I am very depressed,and I am having a nerves break down.I am really hurting,and suffering more than ever.I cant take it anymore,I am giving up on life.I have a deep feeling that my life is going to end very soon.I need a mirical.Can you please help me.Thank you.MONA

7/28/2001 11:40


I am going through a very difficult period in my life, after having lived a life full of suffering and abuse by my own family, and even though I have forgiven, and I have a lot of love to give, I am now deeply lonely and unhappy with my job and everything else in my life. For one reason or another men end up hurting me deeply and sometimes I feel that I cannot go on sometimes and since I am not married and have no kids, I find it really difficult to find a reason to live. Can you please help me with your prayers. Thank you.

7/29/2001 12:34

My Name is Teresa. I am 32 years old. For most of my life, I've been very unhappy. It's very sad to say that I really don't remember ever having one complete day of happiness. I had a terrible childhood that just seems to haunt me. I thought that once I became an adult, that things would get better. My life only became worse. In the last five years I have had six surgeries. When ever one ailment goes away, another one takes it's place. I sometimes think that God has forgotten about me. Why does God let terrible things happen to good people? I pray and pray and look for guidence but, I can't find anything that makes me really want to stay in this world. I keep telling myself that maybe tomorrow will be better but tomorrow never comes. They say that it is better if you pray with others so, this is what I'm doing today. Please pray for me and with me for true guidence and wisdom. Help me, teach me the meaning of pure faith. Please pray for me to have the stength to go on. Even though I will never meet anyone of you, I will try to alway remember that someone cares and understands my troubles in this cruel world. I will also pray for you. I will ask God to bless who ever reads my prayer and ask him to heal you heart, mind, and soul. Thank you.

7/29/2001 17:15

I have been through depression and suicide attempts, and have survived. I realized that, while Death is not to be feared, it is not for us to decide when to return to Summerland. Tomorrow can always be better. Blessings to all who are going or have gone through this.

7/30/2001 13:33

I have been through alot in my life.
Depression,suicide thoughts,and other things I dont want to say. I am divorced,and I have a child . I am also
pregnant and not married. I know that is bad but now I think I am ready to ask christ to come into my heart. I want my life to change.I am overcomming all of those nasty thoughts that I used to want to do. Prayer is what I need.I know that.I will pray for anyone who is going through what I am going through! Its not good to live like this when you have children you want to be happy and let christ in your heart.

7/30/2001 15:41

I am coming here to testify that God is able to take away all thoughts of self-doubt,hate,anger,and suicide away.I just last week was thinking how easy it would be to just not live anymore.But God doesn't want that and I am here to say that He is there for each and every one of you with open arms.Just take the next step and simply talk to Him like He is there in front of you and you Will be healed in JESUS' NAME .I also want to encourage you to find aniother woman or man of faith to keep accountable to and that will lift you up in prayer.Alone we are defeated but together we are united! Press on toward the GOAL in Christ Jesus!!!!!


7/31/2001 10:11

My sister is going through a really tough time right now in her life. He ex-husband and his girlfriend are constantly harassing and threatening her by saying they are going to take her girls away from her. First, it's one thing then another. Then, this guy she has been seeing (who she was also pregnant by) told her he wished something would happen to her and the baby. I guess he got his wish. This past weekend my sister found out that he was with another woman while she was in the hospital having a miscarriage. She is so upset, which she has every right to be. I'm afraid she might do something to herself because she is in such a deep depression. I pray for her constantly and I ask that you pray for her too. I try to tell her to get rid of this guy because if he was any kind of a man he would have been there for her while she was going through this miscarriage. I pray for her salvation on a daily basis and hope that someday she will start coming to church with me. I wish she would learn to give it all to God and that she learn that she deserves more in life. And God can make that happen for her if she'd just let him.

8/1/2001 00:48

God have mercy for us all and help to ease those who suffer in Jesus name.In
the dark ,when we are most alone, may God, in his infinate kindness,soothe & comfort those who hurt or fear or despair. Oh Lord help us please. And thank you Lord for all the good, for now & forever, thank you. amen

8/1/2001 09:44


8/2/2001 13:42

I'm back.Please keep praying for me please.Thank you Jesus for your love.I want to lift up all others who are doubting their worth and thinking of ending their life.Pour out your love Father.In Jesus' name I pray amen.

10/1/2001 00:21

I have to endure feelings of wanting to end my life a lot, so I pray that others take my example and see that death will come soon enough, and it's better to spend eternity with God, than to die prematurely and have to answer to the Lord for comitting a sin.

10/3/2001 11:51

I have also struggled with mental problems such as depression, panic attacks, bi-polar, hearing and seeing things that wasn't there, and yes suicide thoughts. But, I read a book called "Lord, I Want to be Whole" and when I finished that book I asked the Lord to unbind me of the things that had be bound up for the last two and a half years and I also asked Him to bound satan up from putting any suicidial thoughts in my mind. Well, I felt the Holy Spirit run thru me from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes. And from that day on (June 22, 2001) I haven't had not one sucide thought. I still struggle with depression and panic attacks and with my nerves staying all out of wack at times but my God is soverigen. I know without a doubt that He will help us all that is having problems. I have read what each of you are going thru or have been thru and I will pray for you. But I pray with all my heart do not comment suicide. The Bible planly states what will happen to someone if they comment suicide. They will go to Hell. I don't what that to happen to anyone. Spend your life living it for God no matter how bad you think it may be. God has something good in store for you if you will just give Him time. Think about the man in the Bible who layed by the pool waiting for someone to put him in so he could be healed. He had been sick for over 30 years but he didn't give up. Then one day Jesus walked by and healed him. That's what we all are waiting for. Just for Jesus to walk by and heal us or to come one day and take his children home. So if your not one of His children, get ready and become one of His today. Ask Him to forgive you and come to live in your heart. Then let your light shine for all the world to see. He's there waiting with open arms all you have to do is go to Him. I will be praying for all of us. I'll pray for peace, understanding, courage, for us not to have suicide thoughts and for those who do not know Jesus Christ I will pray for your eternal soul.

11/7/2001 16:00

Dear heavenly Father, I pray that you will be with myself as well as all the other people who feel as thought suicide is the answer a lot of the time. I pray that you will give us the courage to make it through the days and endless nights knowing that you will be there, and you will love us unconditionally no matter what. put your arms around us Lord and keep us safe in you. I pray these things in Your name, Amen

11/7/2001 20:50

We are not forgotten about, we must remember our divine heritage...Who and what we are...Awake!!! Remember!!!!
A poem Of Spirit and Truth to help....
Dare to live lifes dream...
Ride the rainbow into sky...
Shoot the arrow straight and swift...
Truth and liberty unite...
My heart and mind to do...
Follow thru in allowing...
Being at peace with all things... Rest in assurance of Divine guidance...
To fulfill Spirits holy plan...
Thunder and lightning...
Wisdom and Understanding...
The rainbow...WE....
ALL come from Thee...
Return unto the point from...
Whence ye come...
To KNOW thyself...
Child of the most high...

11/27/2001 03:15


4/20/2002 15:52

I pray for all those who feel so much pain that they are considering ending their life. I know that pain, and I myself have tried to kill myself. May everyone who is thinking of suicide feel the loving embrace of the Divine and find peace and strength.

9/14/2002 09:47

Dear Lord:
Bring your love and strength to those who fear life and welcome death and escape. You will shine your light upon them, and bring them peace and understanding. I pray and thank you for life's blessings, even when things are dark. I pray in your holy name. Amen

9/29/2002 03:26

Dear Lord Jesus,
As you know I have been praying to you and talking to you non stop for 5 solid weeks now. I have fasted for five days and finally broke my fast today. Dear Lord I am still in need of an answer. I have no idea of what to do with my life which is just wasting away. I feel completely useless and like life is meaningless and even after giving my life to you 15 years ago and praying with so much vigilance, for this past month keeping a prayer to you on my lips or in my head during every minute of being awake, besides the times I have been listening for an answer. I have received no signs from you, no open doors, no news, no hope. No answer, not even a whisper. I feel abandoned and at the very end of my rope. Are you really there? I think this is it for me and I'm sending out a public prayer in hopes that You will help me find an answer for what to do with my life. I want to live it for you Lord my God - but it seems impossible. Everything I try to do is fruitless in every way - I am useless and I need - some answer - anything - any path to be lit any joy to be found or to be given by me. Please Lord hear me, this is my last attempt to reach you - here. Thank you - In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Thank you any of you who help me pray - for your time. I am 27 and I feel completely lost, I have no family of my own and no job, I can't afford college and I feel like a complete failure and disaster. I don't see my reason to be here and no matter how much I pray - nothing seems to come - no ideas - no passion - I want to give my life to the lord but it seems I am not fit even to volunteer and keep alive. I don't know what else to do - besides pray and wait for deliverance.

6/27/2003 15:48

Dear Lord:
I pray to you to heal all of the sad hearts out there who find it hard to go on, who cannot find their purpose in life. Please bless them with knowing their purpose and give them the joy of Your love in their hearts and their lives.
I pray, especially, for IHOPTOBE, that he or she finds meaning in life, that they find a job that is fulfilling and that they realize that prayer must be followed with action. The old "God helps those who help themselves" is true. We cannot become so wrapped up in seclusion that we forget to live in this life you so generously gave us here on earth.
I pray and ask this of You in Jesus' name.

7/25/2003 18:13

I hate myself and I want to die.

I don't see any reason for me to keep living. I have good days every now and then but then I just fall further when I don't do things right. I've tried so hard to put the evil out of my system, but I can't stop my revolting lusts. I look at women as nothing but things, objects and the guilt and self-loathing are too heavy for me to carry through life. I feel like I'm worse than all the rapists and murderers all put together. I feel like if I'm not perfect, then I'm worthless and life is not worth living. I'd rather than than disappoint you, Lord, but I am beyond in need help, and I feel like you've just left me here to die, like you don't even care. I'm sitting here with pills in my hand, begging for the strength to swallow them but I can't do it. I feel destined for nothing but spectacular failure, and crushing emptiness and dissatisfaction. Oh, God help me and every one who feels this way. If I don't get help soon, I just know I'm going to die by my own hand.

8/17/2004 01:36

I would like to thank the Lord for the void that is in so many - may it teach us to be genrous- For we can not fill it only you. Fill this void for them that they might not suffer. JML


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