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Top 5 Reasons to Advertise With Beliefnet
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Reach a New Audience

Beliefnet reaches over 5 million unique visitors on a monthly basis.

The Beliefnet audience shows minimal duplication with other inspiration, faith, health and wellness and lifestyle sites, providing an attractive opportunity for an untapped audience.

•91% Unduplicated with Salem Networks (Christianity.com, Godtube.com, ReligionToday.com)
•96% Unduplicated with WebMD
•98% Unduplicated with Oprah.com
•97% Unduplicated with PsychCentral.com
•98% unduplicated with ivillage.com/Family
•97% unduplicated with Hollywood.com
•93% unduplicated with HealthCentral.com
•90% unduplicated with FoodNetwork.com
•90% unduplicated with AllRecipies.com
•99% with CaféMom.com
*comScore, 2014
A friend gave me info on this web site. What a blessing to me. I start my day with you every morning. I look so forward to reading all the articles and I save them for future references. Thank you for this truly inspirational web site.
- Mary Ann P.