Video Pre-Roll

  • Video Pre-roll - The video is encoded into FLV format and streamed from our CDN (Multicast).  These videos are encoded at 320x240 at 500+ kb/s, and 100+ kb/s.  The maximum length for any video is 30 seconds.  Ad agency's can send materials in the following formats:
    • Windows Media
    • MPEG-1
    • MPEG-2
    • MPEG-4
    • AVI
    • QuickTime 5/6
    • FLASH
    • WAV
    • MP3
    • Companion Ad - The companion Ad is a 300x250 jpg/png/swf (jpg preferred) banner that is displayed next to the video in the player (a two panel flash interface).  This ad should be served through Instream Ad Server.
    • Click-Through URL - The Href URL for the onClick event (both video and companion ad).  Usually this would be a specific tracking url for the campaign.
  • Standard Video Specs
    • Max File Size: 2GB
    • Length: Dependent on compression rate of video


    If using 3rd party ad server tags please keep in mind the following:
    A. Our system returns a fully formatted playlist as the result of any ad request.  This playlist gets handled by the video player.  As a result, we cannot accept any type of html <script> tag to enter into our system.  We can only enter single line URL's for any video file, banner file, clickthru address, or 3rd party tracking tag.
    B. For DoubleClick and most other 3rd party ad services, we can use either "standard" DART tags (by extracting the pertinent URL's) or redirect links.
    C.  We can add a 3rd party tracking URL to any campaign as long as it is a single line URL to a 1x1 tracking pixel.