What Do Creationists Believe?

Not taking Genesis literally is a step towards rejecting the whole Bible, says the founder of the Creation Museum.


03/02/2009 03:17:37 PM

I guess I don't understand why the well founded science for evolution has to stand in opposition to God. Isn't it possible that God created the earth and all the life on it through evolution? Isn't it possible that God gave mad the gift of science so that we may better understand Him? And blaming "declining" morality on evolution makes no sence. Morality hasn't sharply declined in the last 100-150 years, women have always had ways to get rid of unwanted pregancies, prostitution and pornagraphy exisited well before Christ, people have ended marriages either by just leaving or worst-killing their spouce, homosexuality dates back to ancient Greece. All these problems exisited in the world a long time before Darwin, knowledge of dinosaurs, and the Big Bang theory. We just keep better records of it now. And Genisis does admit to the existance of tribes outside of Adam and Eve. Where do these people fit into his Theory?


10/28/2008 09:41:45 AM

Well the comments so far have all been negative. They have stated two people could not be the ancestors of all due to DNA for it would limit us. Yet evolution states that DNA is constantly diverging and changing. The Children would become weaker then the parents due to the start out. But as they moved to different areas their DNA would have diverged due to adaptation. Are we healthier then Adam and Eve? They lived disease free for over 800 years each. Also Scientist have stated that all human beings have a single female ancestor. So DNA does not prove their point it seems to enhance it. In reference to Sea Monsters. I have seen many Sea Monsters displayed in Museums. Are we to believe they did not exist? On human reasoning. The comment that he looks funny seems a very good human reason not to believe him. In Philosophy there a number of beliefs on why we should behave morally. One of them is that a Moral system delivered from GOD has a foundation in faith not human reason. So if you wish to argue philosophy that is fine. But to defend Biblical belief is human thinking and reasoning from cause to effect. The difference is the basis on which we accept a moral belief. So Ham is referring to a philosophical point of view. Not that we should not think.


09/05/2008 06:19:02 PM

QUOTE He said that the more that people "believe in evolution" the more they are relying on human reason and that is a "bad thing". Boggles the mind. annswers in genesis puts out a lot of idiotic claims that they cant back up AND ken ham looks like a macaque monkey and he doesnt accept evolution ..i always thought that was hilarious


09/05/2008 09:26:03 AM

I'm a Christian, and a religion professor specializing in Biblical studies. I think it must be emphasized that Answers in Genesis does NOT "defend the account of creation found in the Bible". They don't because it cannot be done. There isn't a single unified account that can be defended. They make no mention of Yahweh defeating the sea monster (not in Genesis 1-3 but found in the Psalms and other poetic passages). They make no defense of the dome mentioned in Genesis 1 (the Hebrew word used refers to something solid and comes from a verb that means "to stretch out by hammering"). AiG, like other fundamentalist organizations, engages in a slick PR move. By claiming to be the ones that "believe the whole Bible" and "take it all literally", they try to put those who disagree with them on the defensive. But their claims are simply not true, and accepting them as genuine literalists does a disservice to everyone involved in the discussions of these topics. More at http://exploringourmatrix.blogspot.com


09/05/2008 12:56:48 AM

*they are struggling with disease*


09/05/2008 12:55:45 AM

And to add to the previous commenter, anyone ever heard of genetic diversity? If we were descended from 2 people our population would have died out from a non existent genetic diversity. This is why the cheetahs are having problems because if you look at their DNA their population was pushed down to a measly 7-10, creating a nondiverse population. Now due to this problem their are struggling with disease. Take down every animal and human to 2? I dont think so...lets use our brains children.

charlie tragedy

02/14/2008 05:02:17 PM

First, if "God" created only two people in the begining then that means that their children committed a sin and an immoral act called incest. Second, if dinosaurs started out as herbivors then where did all those sharp, pointy, carnivorus teeth come from (which by the way are certianly not for chewing veggies). And by the way to take Genisis literally word for hilarious word would be one hell of a stupid mistake.


09/17/2007 05:19:43 PM

How much money has this man made from defrauding people??


08/12/2007 12:10:52 AM

I hear Kenny is adding a Charles Darwin dunk tank out in the parking lot to goose up attendance. ;-)


06/10/2007 09:17:50 PM

If we are all sons and daughters of just two people, then how can we have such variances in DNA? Will the Creationist's deny the existence of the truth of DNA? And how did humans manage to exist along with gigantic carnivores roaming the earth?


06/05/2007 08:39:01 AM

Ken Ham has certainly got a problem if he thinks believing in the literal interpretation of Genesis, is just as important as believing in the message of Christ.


05/31/2007 08:15:57 PM

He said that the more that people "believe in evolution" the more they are relying on human reason and that is a "bad thing". Boggles the mind.