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When did we lose faith in public education??

Date: 01/22/2017

I know education intimately. I’ve worked w/ urban schools, k-university, since 1990. At the district, state, & national levels. I’ve met w/ officials from across the globe (literally: Africa, Europe, Australia…). I have educator friends & colleagues around the country. So keep that in mind. The pro-DeVos argument  is loaded w/ biased rhetoric. Let’s begin w/ this, excerpted from a rece ...

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The Price My Children Paid for Money - The Need for Divorce Reform

Date: 06/28/2016

This is the column I wasn't supposed to write. The one that is politically incorrect in divorce court. I no longer care. I am done. I am exhausted. I am fighting back. I am the quintessential momma bear Only one thing matters to me in this world. My beautiful boys. I have spent the better part of three years trying to extricate myself from a marriage that failed more than ten years ...

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The "Conservative" Dilemma of the NeverTrumpster

Date: 05/10/2016

The NeverTrumpster is on the horns of a dilemma, for if Trump is the faux conservative that he claims he is, then so too are presidential candidates that they’ve supported the same. On the other hand, if the latter are conservative, then so too is Trump conservative. John McCain 2008 A self-confessed admirer of Big Government “progressive” Theodore Roosevelt, McCain allied with another Tedd ...

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Why Jeff Sessions Didn't Endorse Ted Cruz: The Latter Supported Amnesty

Date: 03/03/2016

When Marco Rubio and his fellow seven gangsters in the Gang of Eight tried to impose amnesty upon the country, Senator Jeff Sessions spearheaded the battle against it. There is no American senator that more strongly opposes amnesty and that more forcefully advocates on behalf of an American First immigration policy than the senator from Alabama. And on Sunday, February 28, just two days before ...

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Trump is No Conservative, But Neither is.....Jeb Bush

Date: 08/19/2015

When Donald Trump’s critics in the Republican-friendly media blast him for not being a genuine conservative, they are correct . For roughly the last quarter of a century, Trump has spent most of his time—until about five years ago—helping to get Democrats elected and reelected. One-third of all of his political donations have gone to supporting Democrats and, by implication, their causes. Thou ...

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In Praise of Teachers Under Attack, reprised

Date: 07/23/2015

[caption id="attachment_9424" align="alignleft" width="252"] via google[/caption] I am so sick of anti-teacher ignorance that I could spit, as my Aunt Bonnie would have said. “ It’s nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher .” No. No, no, and no, it’s not. But you don’t REALLY know that, do you, businessman David Welch? Or Time editor Nancy Gibbs? What you know is one small piece of ersatzeduca ...

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Facing the Abyss & Saving Grace

Date: 04/15/2015

Human beings and our current political systems see it as a "human right" to restructure the biosphere, because that is what the economy dictates. Business interests that commit acts of destruction on the environmental system are supported because they provide jobs. Governments and politicians turn a blind eye because they really don't know what else to do, and are too concerned with surviving ...

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The Neocon Left: The "Deputized" Right

Date: 06/13/2014

What is commonly referred to as “the right” by the so-called “mainstream media” is actually what I prefer to call “the Deputized Right”—a faux right-wing that takes its marching orders from the left. More specifically, the Deputized Right is actually nothing other than the neoconservative left that the recognizable left permits to exist. Anyone with any doubts on this score should consider t ...

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