The Huffington Post article is almost as preposterous as the Waterloo Record’s. The HufPo deftly spun Pew’s numbers to prove that churches holding to biblical bans on homosexuality are killing Christianity in America. Well, no, the churches embracing gay and lesbian clergy are the ones seeing dramatic declines in membership. It’s the conservative congregations that are showing gains.

And the others? Interesting angle from the Daily Caller – which doesn’t particularly like liberals or Democrats. The Pew report does note that “the religiously unaffiliated are an increasingly important segment of the electorate. In the 2008 presidential election, they voted as heavily for Barack Obama as white evangelical Protestants did for John McCain. More than six-in-ten religiously unaffiliated registered voters are Democrats (39 percent) or lean toward the Democratic Party (24 percent). They are about twice as likely to describe themselves as political liberals than as conservatives.

Did anybody get it right? Incredibly, the “most accurate headline” award would go to Time magazine with “Everyone Is Misreading the New Numbers of Religiously ‘Unaffiliated’.”

Amen! Preach on, Bruthah!


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