Land told LifeSiteNews he hopes Baptist ministers will “preach from the pulpit just how serious and dangerous this initiative by the Obama administration is,” and “encourage their parishioners to contact their congressmen and their senators and the president and let them know how deeply unhappy they are with this decision, and they want … legislation guaranteeing that it won’t happen again.”

Who else is upset?

Obama’s edict is "a grave violation of religious freedom and cannot stand,” declares a letter signed by 25 University of Notre Dame faculty members as well as scholars from Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown, Brigham Young, Yeshiva and Wheaton College. Nor were they placated by Obama’s retreat at the end of last week from his initial announcement – as their letter declares in blistering terms:

“This so-called ‘accommodation’ changes nothing of moral substance and fails to remove the assault on religious liberty and the rights of conscience which gave rise to the controversy. It is certainly no compromise.  The reason for the original bipartisan uproar was the administration’s insistence that religious employers, be they institutions or individuals, provide insurance that covered services they regard as gravely immoral and unjust.  Under the new rule, the government still coerces religious institutions and individuals to purchase insurance policies that include the very same services.”

The letter calls Obama’s revision of the regulation “an insult to the intelligence of Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims, and other people of faith and conscience to imagine that they will accept an assault on their religious liberty if only it is covered up by a cheap accounting trick.” 

What was the White House thinking? Roman Catholics are the largest single religious denomination in the United States. Southern Baptists are the second largest. In one fell swoop, Obama seems to have united conservative and liberals within both churches.

“The night after the decision, I had friends over for dinner and I

announced my intention not to vote for President Obama again,” writes the arch-liberal Winters – proclaiming he will never again vote for Obama. “My friends asked, almost in unison, ‘Are you going to vote for the Republicans?’ I replied, ‘I said I have lost my respect for the president. I haven’t lost my mind, nor my moral compass.’ In November, I will be leaving the presidential column on my ballot blank.”

Has Obama alienated left-wing Catholics?

Cardinal Roger Mahony

Political liberal Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles, says he “cannot imagine a more direct and frontal attack on freedom of conscience” than the Obama edict.

“Another liberal Catholic, Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, Fla.,” writes William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal, “has raised the specter of ‘civil disobedience’ and vowed that he will drop coverage for diocesan workers rather than comply."

The bishops are joined in their expressions of discontent by the leaders of Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities, which employ 70,000 people.

“The irony, of course,” writes Casey, “is that the ruling is being imposed by a Catholic Health and Human Services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, working in an administration with a Catholic vice president, Joe Biden.”

Casey recalled how a few years back, Biden famously threatened to “shove my rosary beads" down the throat of those who dared suggest that his party’s positions on social issues put it at odds with people of faith.”

“Catholic liberals appreciate that this HHS decision is more than a

return to the hostility that sent so many Catholic Democrats fleeing to the Republican Party these past few decades,” writes Bob Casey Jr, a Catholic whose father was a Democratic governor of Pennsylvania. “They understand that if left to stand, this ruling threatens the religious institutions closest to their hearts — those serving Americans in need, such as hospitals, soup kitchens and immigrant services.”

Conservative Dunn has no sympathy for the president, writing that Obama has taken on a 2,000-year-old organization with a billion members “and a history of overcoming political threats that make Obama look like a kindergartner. I’m referring, of course, to the Catholic Church.  Now, I don’t mean that the Archangel Gabriel will appear out of the East to scourge the administration with a blazing sword, though I would pay to see that.