Also, same-sex marriage isn’t nearly as controversial as it was in 2004. Issues like the economy and terrorism are the highest priority in 2016, and the presidential campaigns are focusing on those issues.

Most importantly, The Donald isn’t Dubya.

Trump has filed for divorce multiple times, and several of his businesses went bankrupt. Any of these actions, individually, are grounds for excommunication in the Amish faith. And it’s hard to image Amish feeling as strong of a connection to Trump as they did to Bush. After all, Trump isn’t openly religious and his lifestyle is anything but “plain.”

A better bet may be for Trump to appeal to Reagan Democrats affected by the collapse of the manufacturing industry. After all, there are many disaffected blue-collar voters around Scranton, Pittsburgh and Clevelandwho could turn Pennsylvania and Ohio red in November. Those voters are in play, and there are far more of them than Amish voters.