The New Supreme Court

Explaining the Issues

From abortion to gay rights to religion in the public square, the new justice will face divisive issues.


What's at Stake With Justice O'Connor's Replacement?

People of faith favor a new justice who honors the founders' original intent above personal ideas of right and wrong.

The Wages of Choosing an Intolerant Justice

Conservative Christians, who suffered as a religious minority themselves, should remember why we need an independent judiciary.

Split Decision

Justice O'Connor, guardian of private religious practice, leaves a disappointing record on religion in the public sphere.

O'Connor Got It Right on Religion

As the president prepares to select Justice O'Connor's successor on the high court, he would do well to consider her example.

Supreme Court Opening Will Test Strength of Religious Conservatives

The contentious fight over O'Connor's replacement will test the political clout of Christian organizations.

I hope the new Supreme Court:
Allows states to ban abortion
Maintains the right to legal abortion
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I hope the new Supreme Court:
Allows gay marriage
Bans gay marriage
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I hope the new Supreme Court:
Upholds strict church-state separation
Allows for more religious expression in schools and public places
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