As someone who keeps in touch with her roots, I've got news: There are already people there. I can't quite see the Episcopalian-dominated Mississippi Delta giving up without a fight.

I predict many years of wandering in the wilds.

It's Really Bad When They Don't Even Want Your Money

Anglican leaders in Africa have long been recipients of the financial largess of the Episcopal Church in the United States. But now they've called upon their benefactors to "repent" of having consecrated an openly gay bishop.

Saith the prelates of Africa: "In a May 17 statement issued on behalf of 18 Anglican provinces in Asia, Africa and Latin America, Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria said Episcopalians have 'cut themselves adrift' by consenting to the election of openly gay Bishop V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire."

"This deliberate disobedience of the revealed will of God in the Holy Scriptures is a flagrant departure from the consensual and clearly communicated mind and will of the Anglican Communion," Akinola said.

Easier Grader

I may have been too downbeat about the president's speech last night. Not everybody shared Loose Canon's disappointment. Andrew Sullivan gave Bush a B+. Sullivan felt the president had done what needed to be done.

Perfidious Networks

Why am I surprised? I missed the first few moments of President Bush's Iraq address last night because I foolishly had assumed that the networks--which have been trying to use Abu Ghraib as a WMD against the Bush administration for weeks on end--would automatically carry the address. Silly me--it wasn't newsy enough for them. It was also, as Tom Shales pointed out in his report on the speech in the Washington Post, the last night of the May ratings sweeps. But it was outrageous that they didn't cover the speech anyway. Is it really better to watch women in bathing suits eat larvae than to hear the president speak on the most troubling matter before us right now?

On the other hand (and I only heard the speech on radio--I don't have cable), the address was not one of Bush's finer moments. If you're correcting an error, you don't restate the error. But I still think that Bush should have addressed the (I think erroneous-see the Kondracke article I quoted previously) notion presented in the press that we're in a quagmire.

Instead the president got bogged down in such minutia as the news that our embassy in Iraq will have regional offices. He just dropped in that Iraq is now producing 2 million barrels of oil a day. There were a few good moments, as when the president said that elections are the "best defense against the return of tyranny" or when he referred to "this hard-won ground."

After the speech, the C-Span callers seemed to divide into two categories--angry people who sounded as if they'd been reading the Nation magazine, and defenders of the president. "I'm 72, and if he'd take me, I'd go to Iraq," said my favorite caller, a veteran.

Of course, the thing that will matter in November will be the state of Iraq, not the speeches about Iraq. Lincoln was saved by a late-breaking Union victory. Of course, as Michael Barone points out, Lincoln didn't have to contend with the same kind of press corps we have today.

Those Were the Days

I've already predicted that there will be Watergate-style investigations if George W. Bush wins a second term. The clan is already gathering. Carl Bernstein is the latest Watergate honcho to emerge from mothballs--and he says that Bush is even worse than Richard Nixon!

There Is a Hell

Quote from one of the soldiers involved in the abuse at Abu Ghraib: "The Christian in me says it's wrong, but the corrections officer in me says, 'I love to make a grown man piss himself'." Too bad the Christian didn't win out in this battle. Too bad he viewed his work as a corrections officer in such sadistic terms.

Meanwhile, columnist Dennis Prager: "For if there is a hell, those who murder and torture the innocent while praising God are surely the first to go there." Prager, one of my favorite columnists, is speaking specifically of Islamic torturers; I feel certain he would agree that those who torture in the name of Christ are also in deep doo doo.

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