"So the crozier has become the crow's ear. But it doesn't stop here. Purves continues: 'The BBC subtitle service was quite rich in moments of epic religious illiteracy, providing a troop of Karma Light nuns. It also gave up entirely on the 'Oremus' by subtitling it 'Chanting in a foreign language.' "

Thanks to Relapsed Catholic for spotting this.

Bad Girls, Inc.?

A new campaign by a doll company is causing controversy. A website called One Million Youth explains it this way:

"Possibly some of you have daughters who play with the American Girl dolls or read their books. You may even be thinking about buying a doll or books for Christmas. Well, it turns out American Girl (owned by Mattel) is partnering with a group called Girls Inc. to sell a bracelet, the 'I Can' band, which financially supports Girls Inc. Seventy cents of every purchase goes to Girls Inc. The band is sold on the American Girl webpage with a large ad and a link to the Girls Inc. webpage. In addition, the webpage says American Girl is giving $50,000 to Girls, Inc.

"The problem here is that Girls Inc. has on their webpage a statement saying they particularly support abortion and a girl's right to abort an unwanted baby. They were quite clear about their support for Roe, so there is no mistake or room for confusion on that count. Additionally, Girls Inc. supports contraceptives for girls.

"They also support and offer resources encouraging lesbian and bi-sexual lifestyles, actually offering resources for girls. One of their publications states, 'The emergence of a lesbian identity is an ongoing process, rather than an event.' "Of course, American Girl itself is a separate company, unrelated to Girls, Inc. except now by webpage and the seventy cents on every bracelet."

The description of the Girls, Inc. website is quite accurate. Maybe young women could be asked to think about these issues--but girls?

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't think girls who play with dolls need to be introduced to contraception or lesbianism.

Loose Canon commends the the Pro-Life Action League, which is trying to alert parents that this "seemingly innocent self-esteem campaign" is helping to "support the pro-abortion, pro-lesbian agenda of Girls Incorporated."

Maybe instead of an "I Can" campaign girls need and "I Won't" campaign? Being able to say you won't do something is often the road to real self-respect.

Priestly Abuse: More Shocking News

As you may know, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has released more information (in the absurdly-titled "Addendum to the People of God") on sexual abuse by priests. The Los Angeles Times quite rightly refers to the "vast scope" of the abuse in its report:

"Molestations have been alleged at roughly 100 parishes. But because the accused priests moved around the archdiocese on average every 4.5 years, the total number of parishes in which alleged abusers served is far larger - more than three-fourths of the 288 parishes, according to the study, which examined records back to 1950.

"The affected parishes were in neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties both rich and poor, suburban and urban, some predominantly white and others with African American or Latino majorities. The study does not support the contention made by some critics of the church that problem priests were dumped into poor, Latino and African American communities.

"Based on the allegations, the number of abusive priests peaked in 1983. More than 11% of the diocesan priests - those who worked directly for the archdiocese, rather than for religious orders - who were in ministry that year eventually were accused of abuse."

The Catholic blogger Diogenes has "bounced around" the file to come up with the case history of just one priest, Father Michael Baker:

"09/19/86: pursuant to Cardinal Mahony's invitation during a retreat for priests to talk with him about their problems, requests meeting with Cardinal.

"Typical file entry, right?

"12/22/86: Meets with Cardinal Mahony and Vicar for Clergy Curry to discuss his relationship with two boys from 1978 to 1985. "Well, the Cardinal sent him off to art therapy camp at Jemez Springs. The cure was miraculous, as evidenced by this roster of subsequent parish assignments." As Diogenes notes, Baker was in eight parishes in five years, with four different jobs in 1992. Baker was finally removed from the priesthood in 2000 "after it was known -- and impossible to hide -- that he had molested as many as 10 victims over the previous 20 years."

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