pastor_bruce_porter: They are afraid. And unfortunately, trench coats offer the possibility that you might be hiding something that people fear. You are associated with fear, and maybe you should change your wardrobe to avoid this paranoia by others.

melincolie420 asks: Do you believe the music the kids listen to had anything to do with it?pastor_bruce_porter: I think that music is a powerful influence on people. We need to be careful about what we allow into ourselves. Just as how we are careful about what we eat and drink. We should be careful about what we ingest into our minds.icarus35_1964 asks: When I was in high school in the earlier '80s, stuff like Columbine was never thought of. What happened?pastor_bruce_porter: I think that the desensitization to violence has been escalating in the entertainment industry in the last two decades. It has given a psychological freedom to act out one's fantasies. Definately more in this decade than in decades before.tami2000_81 asks: My questions is, why--though I agree it was a tragic event--do we keep bring it up? It is asking for someone to try to outdo Columbine, and that is the last thing we need.pastor_bruce_porter: I think that Columbine was a national wake-up call. Unfortunately, far too many of us have pushed the snooze button on the alarm.el_padrino95 asks: What would be the reaction if this happened at a Denver school like Kennedy, Lincoln, West, North, etc.?pastor_bruce_porter: Columbine awakened white middle-class America to the reality that violence of this kind is not isolated to inner-city schools. And it is a pity that it took this kind of event to make us realize that minority students in the cities has been suffering this type of violence for a long time. I don't think that we can ignore the reality of this anymore.twinklez_starr asks: Hello, Bruce. I am a Columbine "survivor." I was next to Isaiah Shoels before he was shot. People say I was lucky for not dying. I have been praying countless times a day, and it still affects our everyday lives. Will we ever be able to cope?pastor_bruce_porter: I think that time has a way of dulling our pain. But I don't think you'll ever forget or be able to put the pain completely out of your life. I think that the grace of God can heal your wounds and make you a stronger person.dude_dude_dude_dude_dude_dude asks: What does the whole Columbine thing have to do with God?pastor_bruce_porter: 8 of the 12 students that were killed were known to be believers or Christians. We know that by videotape that the killers had a special hatred for Christians. They were targeting Christians.lilangels1976_2000 asks:Reverend, did you know Rachel Scott?pastor_bruce_porter: Rachel attended another youth group. She was not part of our church. Her relationship with me was distant. I was her mother and stepfather's pastor.tadpolecvx asks: So since tommorow is the anniversary of the shooting, is the school taking any precautions?pastor_bruce_porter: Yes. There is more security in the community. We are expecting 100,000 people to come to a candlelight ceremony in Clement Park, next to the school.pkc75904 asks: As a teacher, I try to reassure my students, but I don't think they believe me. How can I better help them deal with their fears?pastor_bruce_porter: I don't think that you can completely remove their fears. You can hope to reassure them that God loves them. cheeseburger_99_2000 asks: Is underage drinking a problem at Columbine? pastor_bruce_porter: Yes.sftblcoach2 asks: Were any of the victims your parishoners?pastor_bruce_porter: I had two families in my church who had children in Columbine. The one family, of course, was the parent of Rachel and Craig Scott. The other family received their child unharmed.tiffl44 asks: How is Rachel's family doing?pastor_bruce_porter: I just spoke with her parents this evening. They are coping as best you can expect under the circumstances. Tomorrow will be hard due to the memories that will come back during the services.jessi_857 asks: Rev: Why do you feel that this was a religious crime when there have been so many things to show otherwise. It could have been just as easily racially motivated, but none of the students they sought out to murder off of their 'list' were actually victimized. Why do you say it is a religious crime?pastor_bruce_porter: Clearly, Harrison wanted to kill as many people as he could. They did not discriminate in their hatred. But for those who believe in Christ, that for those who reject the faith of Christ, it forms a foundation that makes this type of crime easier to commit.meka_16_2002 asks: Do you think that the violence in our schools will get better or worse?

pastor_bruce_porter: I live in a daily dread that we will see more Columbines take place. I do not see the root cause being addressed well by schools and politicians. The root problem is in the heart.