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Robert B. Hornbuckle, Sr.

Beloved husband, father, grandfather. We already miss you terribly but we know you are in a better place, standing tall.

Born in 1923 in Scottsville, Kentucky, to Lydia Boyd and William Robert Hornbuckle.
Bob enlisted in the Army in 1943. That same year he married Marjorie Crider. He worked for DuPont for 37 years.
Bob was six-feet-nine inches tall. As children we were all lifted up to his shoulder or the ceiling.
Bob loved to play golf. He played a damn fine game into his seventies.
He was a master carpenter, draftsman, handyman, butcher, canner, turkey carver, back-scratcher, gumbo-maker, comforter, and protector.
When he lost his legs, Bob weathered every valley and we pushed through each new day with humor and each other.
Bob had two goals this year: to reach his 80th birthday on March 27, and his 60th wedding anniversary on July 17. He did both. He finished his course. He lived 80 years, six months, and three days.

mbjones -10/7/2003
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10/7/2003 23:54

"His life was gentle, and the elements
so mixed in him that Nature
might stand up and say to all the world,
"This was a man!"

2/2/2004 08:40

Thinking of Daddy today. It's been four months ... I am so glad to have had so much time with him, to be there, to be cared for, to help care for him, to talk to him from Normandy ("Sounds like your'e right here in my lap!), to have coffee with him in the morning, and so many other memories ...
We miss him but the love we leave behind when we're gone is the truest testament to living. He knew that.

2/24/2004 22:55

Working in the garage with Pop building cabinets for what sometimes seemed like half the houses in Pinewood. Those were the best times of my youth. I feel him with me today when I start working on my own home.

3/27/2004 13:20

Happy Birthday -- you were done at 80, so at 81 years we're happy you're in a better place. Six months you've been gone; it seems like longer but every day brings a remembrance of you that makes me believe how important it is to do good work and leave behind an example and a legacy. Love you, Daddy.

5/26/2004 10:51

Almost every day something catches my attention and reminds me of you. Sometimes it's my own comment or laugh or even the way I clear my throat. Amazing, the ways spirits remain if you want to see them. Mom's doing well but misses her "protector."
Lots of good days; we know you're there.

5/27/2004 01:12

Daddy, I feel your presence every morning that I wake up. There are so many things that I miss about you, but most of all your irreverant humor. I can still hear mom at the dinner table after you had told an off-color joke, "Baaaaawwb" stretching your name out so that you got the message. Mom's doing well, she misses you terribly, but never fear we are here to comfort, console and anything else that she needs. I know that you're watching over her and she knows it too. She's finally gotten to where she can share her favorite stories about you. We all love you so much and it is hard sometimes, but we know that you are now playing the best game of golf that you've ever played. I Love You!

5/27/2004 22:35

Pops, your tie still hangs on my rear view mirror to this day. Every time I turn, it swipes my arm and reminds me of who I am. I'm a Hornbuckle, and proud as hell to be one. You were so strong right up until the very end, and I am proud to be of your blood. You're welcome to visit anytime, and we'll be there soon to accompany you. Time is nothing compared to eternity. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...

5/27/2004 22:40

For those who haven't heard the story, here is something I know Pops was responsible for from where ever he is now...

Well, I had a face-to-face meeting with the divine today...
I was in San Antonio doing some model homes, and I was in one of the houses by myself hanging art above the sofa. The 2 pieces were quite large, about 30” square each, and they needed to go one above the other over a sofa to get some height on an extremely tall wall. I moved the sofa away, put my step stool there and hung the first one with ease. The second one, however, was way out of reach from the top of my stool.
I eyed the height of the back of the couch and it was a good bit taller than the stool, though I knew it wouldn’t be very smart to try to balance on it and swing a heavy hammer behind me. But, I didn’t think I had much of a choice at the time, so out loud, I said to myself, “Ok Shorty – you can do this.” It made me think of Pops, and I smiled and quietly asked for his assistance.
I moved the stool out of the way and scooted the couch back against the wall, kicked off my shoes – and just when I was about to step up on the cushion, the superintendent walked in (he’s not onsite all the time) to check on something. I lunged at my window of opportunity and asked if he had a ladder in his truck by chance. He said, [and I quote] “I have a shorty...” I said, “I bet it’ll be perfect.” So he bebopped out to the truck and brought it back to me, and lo & behold it was just the right height to get my nail where it needed to be.
There’s no doubt in my mind that Pops was there...he could have saved me a fall and all of you a trip to the hospital to visit me. Faith is an amazing thing...I believed he would help me and it couldn’t have turned out better if I’d written the script. It leads me to believe that as soon as you open yourself up to God and the Power of the Universe, it comes through that doorway – it has been invited. If you ask, and you have faith that you will receive, your door has not only been opened, but it has also been unchained...Thanks Pops...

6/13/2004 09:46

I have just returned from Paris, where the spirit of my Father was present on two occasions. The first was in the Metro, where I was alone with my group -- no tour director. As I stood contemplating the map to decide which direction to go, some in my group got antsy. "Measure twice, cut once," I said. I don't know who understood. But it came to me, and it was right. By day 3 of 4 I had not encountered a musician in the Metro. Last year I had encountered several. The subway tunnel amplifies sound in a unique way, and I wanted to hear some! Three days, no music. Then one afternoon, at the end of a long day, while we were riding, we made a stop and a man hopped onto my car and into my face. He was carrying an accordian. I asked him if he knew a song we had just learned called "Champs Elysees." He did not. Then he began to play "Fur Elise." This is the song Daddy always liked to hear me play on the piano. I believe that moment was inspired.

9/5/2004 21:12


We can't believe you've only been gone a year, it seems like ten. We miss you so much it hurts at times. I love you and miss you so much. I think of you every day, I love you.

10/19/2004 08:22

The measure of a life well-lived is the love we leave behind. Last week, Mom was blessed to realize this when she encountered a former employee of DuPont. The man, now a Kinko's employee, noticed the name "Hornbuckle" on the paper Mom needed to fax. "I worked with a Hornbuckle at DuPont, and my Dad, did, too." The man went on to admit he wasn't a model employee but that Mr. Hornbuckle had helped him and had made an indelible impression on him. When it came time to pay for the copies and fax, the man refused. Payment had been more than rendered in kind. P.S. On seeing the announcement of the anniversary of your leaving, Dee Campbell Davis wrote to say she sure does miss you ... because "nobody calls me Deebird anymore." Rest in peace.

2/6/2005 21:53

Hi Pops... I'm sure that when there's a post here, a little bell rings wherever you are that calls you over to read it. ;-) I dream of you often. You're always young, tall, and vivacious. Always among the strong respected personalities in my life when there's a lesson to be learned. I hope I was a comfort to you at the end of your time here. I tried to be what you always were to me - strong and sure. I know just being there for Gran was worth being there, but I hope I was a comfort to you too. I love you and think of you often.

2/6/2005 22:03

Hi Pops... I'm sure whenever there's a post here a little bell rings wherever you are that calls you over to read it. ;-) I dream of you often. You're always among the strong respected personalities in my life when there's a lesson to learn; always young, tall, and vivacious. I hope I was a comfort to you at the end of your time here. I know being with Gran was a noble thing, but I hope I was a comfort to you as well. I tried to be as you always were - strong and sure. You passed even more facets of those traits on to me that day. I think of you often.

2/6/2005 22:04

Ooops! I didn't think the first one went through... ;-)

4/1/2005 11:12

We've just passed your 82nd birthday and although I still miss you terribly sometimes we're glad you're in a better place. Mom feels your presence around her -- in the den walls, at the kitchen table, when the garage door closes ... she keeps a picture of you by her chair. You are laughing out loud with your mouth wide open. No grievous remembrances for us, just like you said. It's about celebrating the life you gave us, and we are!

4/4/2005 23:59

I don't even know where to begin. Mom, the kids and I miss you so terribly much however we still feel your presence! Just the other day I awoke early, around 5:00 a.m., and in my sleepy, bleary eyes I saw you sitting on the toilet with your elbows on both of your knees smoking a cigarette. I always felt that this was always your own PRIVATE time. A time when you could go over in your head what needed to be done that day. I know that we all felt lucky to have you in our lives, I know that mother certainly does. You and mom belonged together and it was obvious to everyone who saw the two of you together. You made an impact on everyone who ever met you and I know that you in your modesty wouldn't agree. We have run into so many people who ask how mom is doing and then they begin speaking about you and what an incredible and selfless man you were. Mother is doing exceptionally well. You always said to people that "Marge was hiding her light under a bushel" and you were right. She felt that that's what she needed to do, let you shine (as if you couldn't do it on your own), however she felt that her place was there to "support" you in your every effort. Now that you're gone and certainly not forgotten mother has become as ribald and humorous as you were. Mom and I have a great time here at the house when we're not worrying about bills, but she would never want you to know that. I have finally found the "cocktail" of medications that makes me able to work and am going to get my nursing license and go back to what I love to do, not to mention make the money we need for the house. I miss you terribly and love you even more. I hope you think of me riding your little cart around the back 9 in my bathing suit whn I was little -- because I do all the time. I was your "little caddy" and I loved my daddy!!!!

4/20/2005 15:28

Today is your "little buddy's" 20th birthday. I still remember you sitting there with him in your lap and teaching him how to whistle and how to "pick" his teeth. You made such an impact on him, and it's an impact that will last him the rest of his lifetime. Thank you for impacting all of my children and being a GREAT grandfather to all of them. You left behind a great legacy for them to feel and understand and they all love and miss you terribly, especially your little "Caitybug". We all miss you! I love you daddy.

4/27/2005 15:01

Daddy, I know that where you are, you are watching us and protecting us.

We Love and Miss You!

5/4/2005 19:10

Bob, the only reason I haven't writtrn in your Beliefnet that YOUR daughter the time. After set up for you, is (1) I am not a computer geek, like all your kids, and I can't type as fast as yhe girls.Of course I think of you almost all the time. How many women can say they had the love of a GOOD man for 84 years. We were married only 60 years ,we know you fell for me when you saw me playing the pinball machine, even though we waited till you were 20. And I couldn't know then what a GOOD MAN you would become We were just IN LOVE at that point in time.But after you were gone,you can't imagine how many people said what good man you were. And I already knew that! Oh,I miss you so and there are many more things I'd like to say but I will talk to you later. Dustin tells me he feels your presence here all the time.And that he has not shed a tear because you told him not to.That you were ready to go and I knew you were ready, too But I certainly was not!
however, I did know how tired you were. And death comes to all of us. But we did have a wonderful life together, even the making up after we were so mad at each other. But the most wonderful thing is that you can walk again.You said you would.We just didn't know where.
I love you like no other love and I know how much I was loved in return.

5/12/2005 00:58


As you can read and see, Mom finally got onto the web page to leave a message. She kept talking about what a GOOD man you were and I believe that you would be telling people how lucky you were and what a GOOD woman you had. Your all's love was boundless, and it was obvious to everyone around you. I love you and miss you, Daddy. Walk tall and carry me around the back nine again!!!!

I Love You


5/23/2005 00:01

I had surgery on my left knee and the doctor said that if he had had to do anything more to it, he would have to have done a total replacement. That's scare for me at 45! Anyway, everything else is doing well, mom is doing great and the kids are almost out of school and terribly excited. By the way, can I sell your stationary drill press? Just wanted to know because we are having a big garage sale and I just wanted to know. You know how to let me know! I love and miss you sooo very much, daddy. There are days that I wish I could come in and bend over your chair and give you a kiss & hug hello. I miss you and I love you and always will.

Your little caddie,


5/26/2005 23:49

I have told many people that God knew 67 yeaes ago that WE would need to be together at the end. Those 21/2 years could have been miserable! But YOU woudn't allow them to be. That was just one thing that made you such a GOOD man. Sometimes (a lot of the time) how lucky I was to have you and so many other things.I would really like to live long enough to see more of our grandchildren set out on their lifetime journey but you would have liked that, too but it was your time to go and when it is my time to go, I hope I will be as ready as you were. All my love, always, Marge.

6/1/2005 15:39

I love you, daddy.

Your daughter,

Susie Q

6/16/2005 17:23


I think it's time that I tell you about Morgan and her boyfriend. You would love the irony of the whole thing. Her boyfriend for a year now is none other than Dustin Storey. Yup, that's right, Bill's grandson. And, daddy, they are soooo happy together, you should see them together. Well, Tuesday morning Dustin's other grandfather, Bubba, passed away after a short illness. Dustin was very close to his grandfather and is horribly broken up about his death and Morgan is trying so hard to be strong for him. However, it's so close to your death that it has affected Morgan as well. She's being strong for him and trying to hide her recent sorrow. I know that when you died you believed in Heaven and I believe that that is where you are. Bubba believed in Heaven, so if you happen to see him, walk up and have a talk as grandfather to grandfather of two kids that are so much in love. Everything else here is ok, mom finally got her upper plate, William got his hair cut and his top braces off and that front tooth fixed. Dustin's going to continue college in the fall, Morgan & Odie (that's what I call her Dustin) may be moving to Wimberley, and Caitlin has a boyfriend, and you would approve. He doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs, and he's a very nice guy and a gentleman. Anyway, that's about it except that we all love you and miss you and Bubba's death has brought all of it back to us. I Love You and Miss You.


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