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Aaron James O'Neil
Beloved Son, Brother, Grandson, Cousin, Nephew & Friend

March 2, 1983-September 26, 2002. Please post as much and as often as you would like.

My son Aaron James O'Neil was called home to heaven on Septemeber 26, 2002. The sadness in my heart is unbearable. I don't understand why God called him home at such a young age. His life had only just begun. I can hardly wait until "my" day comes...the day God will call upon me to join him in heaven. In the meantime, I will do my best to finish the work God has put me here to do.
I would love to hear from friends and family about their memories of my sweet beloved Aaron. It is like music to my ears.

Please post often.
Lisa O'Neil

LisaLou862 -6/18/2003
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2/27/2004 18:54

Hi my hansome Angel Aaron. I know that pretty soon it will be your birthday here on Earth, but now you are in Heaven sorounded by beautiful Angels. I am sure you met Solange by now, so you two keep in touch, she is beautiful, so I'm sure you have met her, ha ha, please keep close to your mom, she needs you all the time, but when an ann. comes , we humans become weak, so please be there for her to give her strenght, until we can all be together again forever.Please my sweet Angel Aaron, be happy and in the Light of our Jesus. Please take care of Solange too, after all you are an Angel man and she is an Angel woman, I wonder if it works the same in Heaven. I wish you Light, Peace, and Love from our Father. Love you. Aunt Selva

3/2/2004 09:07

Hi dear, sweet handsome boy with his Mom's smile, today is your earthly Birthday, I don't know if Birthday's still matter in Heaven, but they still matter to us Mom's left here on earth, so your dear loving Mom is remembering this special day with sadness in her heart. She miss's you so, so much Aaron, but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. I know you'll be close to her today, please Dear Lord allow our dear Lisa to feel her Aaron today to bring her some comfort. Happy Birthday sweet Aaron, you and Shane play a game of pool, if you don't know how to play, he'll teach you, :-)
Love Aunt Sandy

3/2/2004 14:00

Hi dear Handsome Angel. Today is your birthday here on Earth, I imagine all your Angel friends celebrating with you, but I also know that you will be very close to your Mom today, she needs you and miss's you very much. Seek His Light my dear Aaron, may His Peace and Love sorrounds you forever. Love aunt Selva

3/4/2004 22:12

Hello dear Aaron, ~ A belated Happy Birthday to you! I am so sorry I missed posting to you on your special day, but I am sure you know that at my age, I am guilty of having a senior moment at anytime! :) I know you and the other angel kids had a ball. Give everyone a big hug from all of us here and make sure you watch over your dear mom. She misses you so!
Much Love,
Miss V.
Diane's Mom
8/16/60 ~ 8/31/96

3/4/2004 22:13

Hello dear Aaron, ~ A belated Happy Birthday to you! I am so sorry I missed posting to you on your special day, but I am sure you know that at my age, I am guilty of having a senior moment at anytime! :) I know you and the other angel kids had a ball. Give everyone a big hug from all of us here and make sure you watch over your dear mom. She misses you so!
Much Love,
Miss V.
Diane's Mom
8/16/60 ~ 8/31/96

9/26/2004 19:30

Hi dear Aaron, today is the second anniversary since you were called to Heaven, just to let you know that I am praying for you and your mom and family, I know the pain but I also know that you are free and enjoying God's love just like my Angel Solange. Please give your mom a sign to let her know that you are happy. May God Bless You . Selva

12/29/2004 15:48

Lisa - I was surfing the web for Aarons name and I came across this and one that Christopher did. We all love Aaron and miss him very much. I love you too Lisa and I am there for you whenever you need me. Things I remember about Aaron. When I first met him, he thought Jeana was "randys" daughter and not me. I remember making you a happy birthday sign out of macaroni. I remember christopher was all into it, Aaron really wasnt but once I got him to we had a good time. I remember him waking up just about ever morning that summer and eating Ice Cream. I remember the first day he got on the bus, I believe it was to Jr. High. Then he gets older. I remember when I got my first car, I went over and he wanted to drive it, it was standard. I told him if he washed it he could drive it. Well he washed it and we drove around the block. JERKED around the block!! He was the first person besides me to ever drive that car. I remember buying him cigs when he was 16 or 17. I just figured you guys let me smoke at that age... But still we werent going to say anything, then at my wedding shower he put in the book. "thanks for buying me cigs"!! Go figure. No way anyone will see that right! I do miss him. He used to always hug me. He was never afraid to show afection. But you know christopher the older he gets the more he is like aaron. Like a piece of aaron lives in him. I love you lisa.

2/19/2005 12:00

Miss Lisa could you contact me.. I lost my son in a car accident, and I would like to email with you..I would like to know about compastionate friends.. thanks diane sprague..my son's name is Kevin... he was 21.... found the Lord, and went home, shortly afterwards...

3/1/2005 13:01

Dear Lisa,

My sincere condolences sent your way for peace and comfort from the passing of your beloved son, Aaron James O’Neil. What a very handsom kind looking young man! I am so sorry for your loss. Many Mass intentions and rosaries offered up for Aaron, your family, friends and for you – that God will bless you and send graces from Heaven your way.

Respectfully yours with Christ,


3/13/2005 14:34

Dear Aaron, ~ I am sorry I missed posting on your birthday AGAIN! :( I hope you and our other angels had a ball celebrating in the heavenly gardens. You are such a handsome young man; I bet the girls are lined up to have a dance with you! :) Keep sending your mom signs, dear one; for she still misses you so! Please know that I will continue praying and asking God to mend her shattered heart and give her the strength to continue on her never-ending journey; giving her many moments of peace as only He can. Thanks, dear one, for trying to send me a sign that your mom also had a special day during the month of March. Instead of figuring it out, I sent her an email asking her to visit my Diane's memorial site! :( Your mom was thoughtful enough to do a list of special days and shared with all of us a long time ago; [A list which I no longer have since I got my new computer]. As I am sure you know; we angel moms take pride is supporting each other, especially during our special days and all holidays. Again, I hope you had a wonderful and blessed birthday! Please give my Diane a big hug from her mom and tell her I still miss her so!

[Miss V.]
Diane's Mom
Birthday: 8/16/60
Heavenly Date: 8/31/96

4/2/2005 22:43

Hansome is a perfect word. What an angelic face. I am sure your son is working miracles each and every day. My prayers are with you.

6/12/2005 12:32

Though I'm not part of your family, I felt compelled to let you know that my family knows how your feeling. Your son is very handsome and yes to me obviously too young to have been taken, but be assured that he for whatever reason taken is in a much better place than we are. The pain is unbearable, but we must go on for those we lost. My 35 yr old brother was taken tragically without warning on 12/21/04 and was found by other brother on Christmas eve as well as having his funeral on my living brothers birthday...my family was devastated as he left his young 1yr old son behind as well as his family. This was heartbreak for my mother as you can imagine, but the pain goes on because at the time my mother was battling terminal cancer. We were lucky enough to have been given the word from her DR. the end of March that she only had 1 week to live as her Cancer suddenly kicked into high gear, for up until that point it was really hard to tell she was dying as she did everything still for herself and didn't look like she had cancer. She was able to say goodbye to her remaining kids,husband,family & friends. The only comfort we found was that she would be joining my brother, so maybe everything happens for a reason. Mom passed 4/3/05 peacefully in her sleep. The pain is still very real & very deep and I often wish the same that I can hardly wait until my time comes, however I'm only 38 yrs old. I really feel for your loss, and you'll never get over losing him but just adjust to him being gone and with the knowledge that he is in a better place and one day you will be with him once again. God Bless you & your family.(this site was a favorite of my mom's & brothers, therefore I do have a memorial going in their memory as well...Hanson, Patricia & Paul)...Keep the faith!

8/8/2005 11:25

dear lisa
i dont know you,but i was reading about your son, this is my first time on this site,i just sighned up,,,i have 5 children,my oldest son is 24,i pray fro you,and to rememeber< WE ARE OUT HERE TOO,CARING PEOPLE!!!!WHO PRAY FOR YOU!!!!!!KINDLY, ROBIN

1/3/2006 04:00

Dear Lisa'
I was looking on this web sight for some kind of comfort but of course found nothing but heart ache. I'm so sorry for your lose. I lost my son, Jimmy, from an auto accident at the age of 20 on Oct. 3,1999. The pain is still unbareable to this day. He was our youngest child. He was the heart of our family as we have a combination of his, mine, and ours. (We have 9 children between us) Jimmy was our only child together. He would of been 27 Dec.28. Still so young. On July 18, 2004 my granddaughter called me screaming her mother was dead. My oldest child, Mary, died in her sleep at the age of 37. I cant even discribe the grief and shock i'm still in as it's only been a little over a year. Thank God I have 2 of her children which probly has saved my sanity. I feel like I've died inside and for some crazy reason I'm still breathing. You'll never get over the lose or ever be the same and wish I could give you some comfort but know only time will help.( So THEY say.)
I just hope and pray my two babies are together and that I'll see them again soon. I know I'm going on about my lose but believe me I do feel your pain as well. I pray for you,

2/27/2006 10:13

Hello, I'm not a member of your family but I believe I once knew your son. I can only hope you read these things, because if your son is the person I think he is, I've been trying to find him for years. My name is Tanya. I believe I went to elementary school with Aaron. Did he ever live in Norfolk, Virginia? Did he ever attend Bayview Elementary School? If not, I'm sorry to intervene on this prayer with my questions, but if he is the person I think he is, please let me know. I desperately need to find Aaron. Thank you very much.

4/12/2006 23:57

Hey Bubby,

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!



4/13/2006 12:01

Sorry about the previos post I didn't leave my name or anything. My name is Korina, and my son has a website if you would ever like to see it please let me know.

7/23/2006 12:22

I have tears strolling down my face right now. I am so sorry for the pain you have lived through losing your baby boy. I have 3 baby girls of my own ages of 4, 3 and 4 months, they are my life and a few months ago I had a scare with my health at the age of 34 and was scared I was going to leave my precious angels, time is too short on earth, I had surgery and am doing fine now. My heart goes out to you and I would love to make you a guardian angel bracelet with Aaron's name on it and would love to chat. You are a very strong beautiful woman and I am sure Aaron and god are both so proud of you. Love Shelley

9/26/2006 10:13

Hey Bub, It's been 4 years today that they told me you went to be with God. I still can't believe your not here. On one hand it seems like forever since I've seen you and on the other it feels like just yesterday you were killed. The pain is still so very real and deep. If I could only touch you one more time....hear you laugh....see your smile.......I miss you so fiercly that there are no words to describe it. I never knew there could be a pain so deep. I love you every minute of every day and want you to know how much we all miss you. Please visit soon.....
Love, Mom

12/23/2006 09:15

Hello, I'm just a stranger who upon waking up this morning had a name fixed in my mind. James Dream O'Neil sends greetings. I don't know if it is your James but as I searched through the internet for James O'Neil and came upon this sight, there was a big pop up ad flashing the word "dream" right beside James's picture. Take care and best wishes.

9/22/2007 17:41

Hi Aaron,
As we come up on the fifth year anniversary I seem to be going crazy again. I don't know if this a normal grief process or not but it feels really really bad right now. It is almost like when it first happened. I just cry at the drop of a hat and can't focus, etc. I hope you know that I will always love you and that when you died you took my heart with you. Please visit soon....I love and miss you..

10/8/2007 21:51

Aron's mom I'm so sadden by your loss .May God give you strengh to do his will.And its so easy to say be strong when you are carrying the burden of your son 's loss.But know God loves you and his ever lasting love is forever.We don't understand why things happen .I pray that you have peace in your heart and that God protecting hand is upon you.

10/8/2007 21:54

Aaron's mom I'm so sadden by your loss .May God give you strengh to do his will.And its so easy to say be strong when you are carrying the burden of your son 's loss.But know God loves you and his ever lasting love is forever.We don't understand why things happen .I pray that you have peace in your heart and that God protecting hand is upon you.

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