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The Innocent Iraqi Citizens
Lives Cut Short by War

This list was compiled with the aid of data from Iraq Body Count, and represents the conservative estimate of reported civilian deaths due to military actions that have occurred in Iraq between Jan. 1 and April 9, 2003.

beliefnet -4/9/2003
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4/10/2003 00:30

May God hear my prayers for all those who have lost thier life during this time of conflict. May the Angels of God be with all of us left here on earth during this time of grief. My love and prayers go out to those that read and see this. God be with us all. Peace be with the world. Amen

4/10/2003 00:41

My memory is and will forever continue to be a testimony to Truth. People are dying--be it American soldiers, Iraqi civilians, or even yes, Iraqi soldiers... all should be mourned.
As I scroll the lengthing list of names, I pray. I pray as deeply and profoundly as I can find in my spirit, that we humans will find a way to use our amazing intelligence to ensure everyone's safety, health, shelter. Bellies, hearts and minds FULL! I pray we listen to the guiding voice and that our intentions are firmly set finding new ways of resolving conflict.
I pray our leaders understand that one person dead--regardless of religion or nationality--is too many.
Wrap our planet in a blanket of love; we all need the comfort and healing.

4/10/2003 03:28

Great and Merciful Lord,
please grant the Peace which passes all understanding to all who have suffered or who are suffering at this hour. Open the eyes of the leaders of nations and guide their hearts to be merciful and kind in Your image. Write forgiveness and compassion on their hearts, and on our own. Guide us, merciful Father.
I pray for the souls of the dead and dying; the souls of those in grief, in despair, confusion, and turmoil. I pray for all those who have lost loved ones and who are losing loved ones at this very hour. Comfort and carry their sadness, O Lord; take it unto your mighty busom and give those that cry out strength and peace.
Be with all the children of the world at this hour, be with the people of this world always. Grant us your loving Grace, and guide us to understand and love each other. Blessed be Your name.

This I ask, in the name of or Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

4/10/2003 12:21

Baban deele beshmaya,
payesh mkodsha shimukh, athya malkothokh,
hawe ojbonokh, dikh deele bishmaya hawe ham bara.
Halan lokhman sumqana dadyou.
Shwoq talan gnahan wkh-tiyathan,
dikh d-ham akhnee shwiqlan ta
ana dim-tu-dela ellan.
La mab-yeretan bjoraba,
ella mkhalislan min beesha,
bsabab deokh ela malkotha,
hela wtesh-bohta, laalam almeen,
(Surath 'Our Father')

4/10/2003 15:45

May your deaths not be in vain. May your fellow countrymen know freedom and may they become towering examples of it.

May those who have invaded your country, us, learn from your deaths that death is true to all beings, that all fear it, and that knowing this we should never cause harm to another being.

There is no way to peace; peace is the way. A. J. Muste

4/10/2003 21:56

God please help me forgive the leaders of my nation and every other for the grief and suffering caused in the name of greed and material gain to innocent civilians everywhere from the beginning of time. And help my fellow men and women in every nation, religion, persuasion and race on earth rise above the propaganda which keeps us divided.

4/11/2003 13:03

To all the intentional and unintentinal victims of this war, we express our deepest sorrow at what is happening. We will continue to pray for the ending of suffering and fear, in hopes that all innocents in Iraq and everywhere find peace, harmony, safety, and remain with their friends and family surrounded in love and security.

4/11/2003 18:09

Into Paradise may the angels lead you.
Heavenly Father--our hearts are broken to see the innocent loss of life, the sorrow and pain raining down on these people. Help us all with an end to this killing and death; cloak us with relief from this pain and write love and mercy in our hearts. Protect all from further harm and help us see how to reconcile ourselves for healing.

4/11/2003 18:19

"La hawla Wala Quwwata Ella Billah"

For the 1000+ and counting innocent souls that fell victim in 3raq, my humble prayer and to their families my sincere consolation for their loss

"Al-Fatiha" As traditionally said over the dead

"Bism Illah Al Rahman Al Rahim

Praise be to God
Lord of the World
The Compassionate
The Merciful
Ruler of the Day of Judgement
You alone we worship, and You alone we seek help
Guide us to the Strait Path
The Path of those whom You have bestowed Your grace
not the Path of those whom earned Your Anger

Sadaqa Allahu Alatheem"

May peace in the "city of peace", Baghdad, witness another dawn. May Iraq heal its wounds and arise anew, like a phoenix, to the call of freedom and modernity to take its deserved place among nations


4/11/2003 18:25

"La hawla Wala Quwwata Ella Billah"

For the 1000+ and counting innocent souls that fell victim in 3raq, my humble prayer and to their families my sincere consolation for their loss

"Al-Fatiha" As traditionally said over the dead

"Bism Illah Al Rahman Al Rahim

Praise be to God
Lord of the World
The Compassionate
The Merciful
Ruler of the Day of Judgement
You alone we worship, and You alone we seek help
Guide us to the Strait Path
The Path of those whom You have bestowed Your grace
not the Path of those whom earned Your Anger

Sadaqa Allahu Alatheem"

May peace in the "city of peace", Baghdad, witness another dawn. May Iraq heal its wounds and arise anew, like a phoenix, to the call of freedom and modernity to take its deserved place among nations


4/11/2003 21:02

First, I pray, deeply sorrowful for the children we have lost to our Tomorrows. May they return and continue their task in another way. For all the Innocents who have known the Greatest Sacrifice in war, my heart aches for the loss of your Beauty on this earth. I am so sorry that we resort to anything that causes death...as I am an American Mother, Grandmother and I cannot bear the thought that we, who work so hard to give birth, cannot seem to prevent the taking of those we bear. I am sorry for all who are in this and every conflict. May you find peace and grace. I will pray for you all my days, for that is all I have to offer in apology and with loving care for you, always.

4/11/2003 21:30

Qul huwa Allahu ahadu, Allahu assamadu, lam yalid wa lam yulad,wa lam yakun lahu kufuwan ahadun.

An while I say this, I know that our Creator will look after you and there will be for you no pain and no fear left. Death is the last step we take towards our meeting with God.
Salaam. Tix

4/11/2003 22:30

I say to all the fallen soliders, You all are gone to a better place. You served your country. I pray everyday for my troops in WAR. You have to have faith. With GOD all things are possible. Keep your head up. Don't give up. Strive for the best, fight your battles and return home safely. They are plenty families left back worried sick. We know in our hearts you all will be just fine. I pray to all my family members, and friends over there. Stay focused. GOD is watching you. To everyone else GOD bless your souls. We all love you.


4/12/2003 18:58

This prayer is for the health and peace of Ali Ismail Abbas is the 12 year old Iraqi boy who lost his parents, other family members, and was maimed when a bomb hit his family's home when he was sleeping on 4/6/03. Ali lost both of his arms and was burned between 30-60% of his body. His story has not been profiled very much in the US but has been the source of much sadness, grief, and shame throughout the world. His situation is dire because if he is not treated in the next few days he may die of infection from his burns...before the massive amounts of money raised on his behalf are able to help him.

I've started a prayer circle for him.


Please pray that order is restored to the neighborhood where he is hopspitalized. Organizations are poised to help but cannot because the conditions are not safe. Ask your God to watchover him and give him the time he needs to heal.

If you are interested in helping him please see the following web sites on how.


4/13/2003 05:37

 Safe Keeping
Do not look forward to the changes and the chances of this life in fear; rather
Look to them with full hope that, as they arise, God, whose you are, will deliver you out of them. He is your keeper. He has kept you hitherto.

Do you but hold fast to His dear hand, and He will lead you safely through all things;
And when you cannot stand, He will bear you in his arms. Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow.

Our Father will either shield you from suffering, or He will give you strength to bear it.
Sir Francis de Sales

4/13/2003 16:09

We grieve for all the civilians suffering from this war, in Iraq and elsewhere. We pray that the God we all worship- Allah, G-d, Christ- will comfort and protect all who are in harm's way, and will guide the leaders and combatants to behave in ways that will avoid and end harm. And we pray that throughout this conflict we can all honor and respect each other's faith. Amen.

4/14/2003 16:24

dear lord i just pray for all of these inoccent people they are humans and what suddam did to them is wrong lord and i ask of you to help them just forgive him for what he has done like how you gave up your son to die on the cross to forgive us for allof our sins in jesus name

4/14/2003 21:04

My god in heaven, please help the innocent and let no more pain, suffering and blood shed come apon them. Please fill these people with your strength, love, and hope. Let the christ light and the violet flame purge through all the darkness and negativity and cleanse it and balance it again. I pray that the ignorant be taught, and the innocent suffer no more, in jesus's holy name it is done. thank u Amen

4/15/2003 11:49

My Lord, this list is so long. I pray that You have gathered these people to Yourself and that they will never have to endure any suffering ever again. Lord, You alone know I have held this people in my heart and loved them all in the compassion of my soul. I pray Lord that You, seeing and knowing all things that take place on earth, would not let these peoples sufferings and hopes of a better future be met by tragic death, but that You, my Lord, full of Devine Mercy, saw them there and took them to Your heavenly home. Hear our prayers to You, Oh God, and bless the Iraqi survivours with all of Your wonderful blessings, that they will feel Your presence, for their sacrifice has been great. Heal them Lord from the pain, the poverty, the cruelty, the oppression, the sicknesses and bind up all of their wounds. Create for them anew, with all the wonders that You alone provide. I ask this in Your Holy Son's name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

4/15/2003 17:17

To honor and remember those whose lives never tasted freedom; to offer mercy and forgiveness for those whose conscience is burdened with the consequences of their actions as soldiers in extinguishing another life; and, to pray for the souls of our leaders -- only truly dark hearts attempt to use war and violence as a means to alleviate suffering and make peace. May those who ordered lethal force to be used in Iraq see the errors of their ways and to forever more work for peace and love with love and peace.

4/22/2003 01:39

I hope and pray that the families and friends of the victims can find the strength to forgive. I hope that, through some miracle of the human spirit, no violence occurs in retaliation. I pray that this is the end of human aggression against humans. May the souls of the deceased find their way safely to whatever their destination may be. And may the perpetrators of these crimes learn the value of life and be forgiven.

4/30/2003 04:42

For ALL the innocent lives including the soldiers' troops from both sides...
"i donot see difference in religions, coz they all lead us to the same & only destination! wether we call 'God-Al mighty or Rabana subhanahu wo taala, or Khuda or Bhagwan'....He's our only Owner.
But i feel pitty for those who think themselves the Leaders, He's the only Leader, so let's pray all togather in anyways, any languages, any believes.... that may God Al mighty brings peace in their hearts & be merciful.
Togather we pray to:
Sayid Mohammed salla allahu aleihi wo El Sallam,
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary,
Shree Mahaveer, Shree Pashwanath, Shree Siddhanath, Shree Rushabhdev,Shree Ghantakarna Dada, Shree Sai baba, Shree Ram, Shree Krishna, Shree Shankar, Shree Ganesh, Shree Hanuman, Shree Tirupati Balaji, Shree Ambika, Shree Durga, Shree Laxmi, Shree Gayatri, Shree Kalika, Shree Padmavati, Shree Khodiyar, Shree Sindhwai ma & Shree Pithai ma, & to all our 64,000,000 Devi & Devta:
"Please help them, they dont know what they are doing, bring merci & love & peace in their hearts"
"Please bless those innocent lives who passed away, who are passing away now, who will pass away"
"bless the children, who lost their parents, their families, their loves ones"
A little prayer by Jains:
Uwwasag haram, passam, passam, vandami, kamaghanam, mukkam, visa har, visa ninasam, mangal kalan awasam, visa har, fulingamant,kanthe, dhareei, jo saya, manuo, tusa gahrogamari,duthajara, janti, uwsamam, chithaou, dure, manto, tujja panamovi, bahufalo, hoy nar tiriyesu, vi jiwa, pavanti na dukhadogacham,tuha samatte, ladhe chintamani kapayavabhbhiye, pavanti, avighenam, jiva ayanramaram,thanam, ihasantuo mahayash, bhatibhar , nibharen, hiaein, ta dev, dija bohim, bhawe bhawe, pasa, jinachand.
Inna li allah, wo inna ilayahi rageoun.

5/1/2003 18:04

G-d willing peace will come and in our times....

5/5/2003 20:14

May their souls rest in peace, they should not have been subjected to this war. I pray that we will not see any more of these wars.

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