As we arrived back in Milford, all was dark in the stores and buildings. At first we assumed that since it was Sunday everything had closed early. But as we came to the corner we noticed that the town's only stoplight was out and the volunteer fire department was directing traffic. They had blocked off the road continuing down river and the only route available was uphill. This was fine with us as we needed to go that way to head home but since we were curious we rolled down the window to find out what was up.

"Tornado" they said. We could hear the adrenaline still charging their voices. "It touched down just down the road a piece. There was damaging hail, trees uprooted and power lines are down." Thanking them we looked at one another. Heading up the hill we found shredded leaves left in the wake of the freak storm's passing. The electrical power near the river and in our little town was out for days. Some local farmers had lost all of their crops – rows of corn flattened, ripening peaches and apples demolished. All in a blink of an eye. Some were taken by the twister itself, other by hail and the sudden high winds. Truly the twisting and turning of fate.

Had we been on that stretch of river that day – who knows? But to us it was once again a real time lesson about respecting one's rhythm and one's hunches and one's heart. We were grateful that on that particular Sunday afternoon we weren't trying to get somewhere and get there fast. Simple choices – profound results.


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