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Poll: Finding Your Soulmate
Do you believe in there is a special soul mate for every person?
I do, with all my heart
I hope so but not sure
No way
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Open Your Heart to True Love
  • Man and woman drinking tea on a date

    What Women Need to Know About What a Man Wants

    Soul Mate director Andrea Wiley discusses what African American Christian women can do to help their relationships.

  • What Is a Soulmate?

    Finding true, soulful love is not a destination; it's a journey. This page is devoted to helping you find your soulmate. Begin with this gallery of reader comments on what they believe about soulmates. 

  • Quiz: Are You Ready for Your Soulmate?

    These days, we don’t just want a relationship. We want our soulmates. Are your hopes for true love aligned with your readiness to let love into your life? Take this quiz and see if you are soulmate-ready.

Tips for Finding “The One”

12 Ways to Find Your Soulmate

Starting today, take these steps to find your soulmate.

Prayers for a Soulmate and True Love

Follow these prayers to petition for true love.

It's Never Too Late to Find Your True Love

Arielle Ford shares how she found her soulmate at 44.

Treasure Map for the Perfect Date

Try these simple ways to bring love to your door.

Quiz: What's Your Love Language?

  • Feel like you're just not connecting with your significant other? Discover how you loved to be loved with this exciting quiz!

    The 5 Love Languages Quiz