Sixth, don’t make threats or issue ultimatums. In order to take power in a relationship, sometimes people give ultimatums. These people like to believe that an ultimatum will ignite fear in the other party, suggesting that the marriage could potentially fail. However, ultimatums create and fester resentment. Your partner will realize the associated trickery and pressure, which may lead to disinterest in the marriage. Next, they create situations in which both parties are fighting for power. If one person has far more power than the other person, there is an imbalance which will result in fallout. Finally, ultimatums create negativity in relationships. If you create too much negativity in the marriage, your loved one will not want to be around you and will find excuses to stay away. In order for your marriage to last, you must stay away from ultimatums.

Finally, commit to working together. It’s important that you and your partner are coming up with collaborative solutions. You and your partner can come up with solutions that work for each other. Always look for those. When you and your partner are committed to working together, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

If blame is destroying your marriage and you’re ready to change that, pay close attention to your reactions the next time you’re in a challenging situation with your partner. We all have flaws, so focus on letting go of defensiveness because this will ultimately push your loved one away. The next time you feel yourself getting upset at your partner, pay attention to your own thoughts and responses before you jump on their faults. These actions will build a stronger marriage.