You must love your spouse at all times and in all circumstances. It’s that simple. This isn’t the emotional, mushy feeling of love that goes away the minute you’re turned off by something your partner does or doesn’t do, but real love. The unconditional love God has for us, the love that isn’t based on things or circumstances. The love that never fails. Even when you’re not feeling it, Bledsoe points to what the apostle Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8. Remember, love is an action and when love is placed into action, your marriage can really prosper.

Be examples

When you’re in partnership with someone, you have the opportunity to share your marriage with others. You can be the couple who helps restore hope in another couple or encourage them as they are working on growing together in their marriage, Bledsoe says. Think of opportunities where you can use your marriage as a ministry. This can show up in the form of couples date nights, counseling others, speaking in a church or marriage class, even writing your story down. The challenges you’ve faced in your marriage can equip you to help someone else through their challenges.