And you have to be. There is no way to turn that program off.

And don't worry, if you need your computer for work, Freedom has a sister application called Anti-Social, which keeps you off all social networking sites.

So your work won't be figuring out what his status update -- Feeling like a sandwich and a night in -- means. (Does he mean with you? Does he want you to make that buttery grilled cheese? Should you bring it over right away?)

No, no and no. Make the sandwich for yourself. The only status updates you should pay attention to are the ones he gives you directly.

Super Saturday (And Sunday)

As much as we all wish this weren't true, the first weekend after a break up can be a bit of a bummer. There's no way around it. There's only getting through it and knowing that once you do, it won't all feel so unmanageable.

To make it easier, you're going out. But not out to a club that will make it seem like your Ex is the only good one left in the world. He isn't.

Instead, go to your favorite restaurant. Or your favorite bar. You know, the one your Ex never wanted to go to because it was too far from his work. Or because it was too far from his pals. Or because it just didn't matter to him that you loved it. That should have been enough reason to take you there, so tonight, spend time with real friends, people who are willing to follow you off the beaten path. Enjoy yourself.

On Sunday, do it again. Not the same restaurant, necessarily. But the same type of day in which you remind yourself of something you enjoy. And spend time with the friends who are going to make you enjoy it more. And to celebrate getting through the first weekend, order your favorite desert. You had No Ice Cream Thursday. You've earned it.

A Less Manic Monday

You are starting a new week. Your first week without him. You may still be thinking of him a lot, but you're not thinking of him all day long. This is something to be proud of.

So now for forward motion. Make a plan today to do something fun. It can be simple, like buying tickets for an Avett Brothers concert next month. Or it can be something bigger, like planning a trip.

You've been talking about going to Mexico or Paris. Or Wyoming. You've wanted to get lost in the beautiful mountains and experience something entirely new. New is good. It is significant.

And, look . . . you can see a glimmer of it already: that thing you have been wanting, something significant, something beyond a relationship where you weren't appreciated the way you deserve to be.

So put that plane ticket on hold. And get ready. This is what is to come. You're taking off.

*Much like a diet, the break up plan can be revisited at regular intervals as needed.*

© 2012 Laura Dave, author of The First Husband

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Laura Dave, is the author of several acclaimed novels, including "The First Husband," which was recently released in paperback. A New York Native, she now lives with her husband in Los Angeles. Visit her online at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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