They’re Progressive

The extremely progressive mindset of the Millennial generation is, perhaps, the source of the greatest friction between them and previous generations. Never before has a generation been so iconoclastic, so suspicious of tradition, and so willing to challenge the way everything is done.

Especially for the more tradition-oriented generations, this upheaval can be tough to swallow.

Millennials are constantly surveying the world around them, and are on the lookout for ways to do things better. They question everything from the why we need to physically be in an office to do work to the very way in which our government functions, and have already created a huge wave of change that’s only going to get bigger.

This is going to cause disagreement between you and your Millennial kids. That’s unavoidable. But you can still cultivate great communication by talking their views out without hostility or contempt. Take the time to actively listen without speaking, and to allow them to explain their stance. Try to see things through their eyes for a moment—entertain their views without necessarily letting go of your own.

Above all, to really connect with your Millennial kids, try to maintain an open mind, and to remain teachable. You may just learn something!

The Next Generation

Many Millennials are already aging into their first positions of authority—we’ll soon get to see the effects they’ll have on the world. Purposefully maintaining a great connection with your Millennial kids will ensure that they have the guidance they’re sure to need as they move forward.

After all—your generation has its own unique strengths, and you have much to teach, so take these tips to heart and start relating to your Millennial children in a better way.