· States with Cyberbullying Laws

(Courtesy of the Megan Meier Foundation and the Cyberbullying Research Center)

· Beyond Bullies

Great compilation of resources and information about both bullying and cyberbullying

Connects kids with “ETeen Leaders” who can answer questions and give advice on bullying and cyberbullying. Teens can also apply to be mentors and ETeen Leaders.

· Bullying Parent’s Forum

Read other parents’ stories and share your own. Also provides helpful links to literature and support groups that deal with bullying and cyberbullying.

· Academic Research on Bullying and Cyberbullying

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is home to the Bullying Research Network, which compiles research on issues relating to bullying.

· Cyberbullying Scenarios

If you’re not sure what cyberbullying looks like, these scenarios give you a good idea of the lengths to which some bullies will go. Discuss them with your children and decide how you would react if they happened to you.

· FamilySignal Blog

Great resource for the latest news on social networking and online safety.

Leading social network monitoring tool.

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