Actress Shirly Brener, mother to daughters Mila, 7, and Journey, 1, also shared what she is currently working on.

“We are on an Israeli reality show called Connected and just came back from Israel to promote the show,” Shirly shared. “We’ve been shooting the show for a year, which has been super intense. It’s an Israeli format that was developed there and sold to 20 different countries. It’s won the equivalent of an Emmy and Golden Globe in France, Denmark, and in India. The show focuses on five celebrities from different countries, and their lives are self-documented for a year. The show has five stories that are intertwined for 35 episodes, so it’s a huge order. We shot the show ourselves, where we held the camera, had two production cameras, a producer, and a director that channeled us. That has been the epicenter of our lives and I also just shot a pilot for Comedy Central, which was the first time that I worked with puppets! The show is comedic and sketched like Saturday Night Live with a Mad TV theme. I play multiple characters on it. It was super interesting to act with puppets!

I am also on a digital series about zombies called Chronicles of the Dead. Ever since the success of The Walking Dead, there have been many spin-offs. In Chronicles of the Dead, I play a powerful CEO who’s trying to take over whatever is left over in the post-apocalyptic world. From acting with puppets to acting with zombies, to being a reality star (which was a trajectory that I never thought I would take), it’s been a very interesting year.”

And what does she plan to do with her family for Halloween?

“That’s a good question! I might have to go back to Israel to continue promoting the show, so there might not be a Halloween for me,” Shirly said. “If we are in town, then we are going to do an Alice in Wonderland theme. Mila is going to be Alice, Bruce is going to be the Mad Hatter, I am going to be the Queen of Hearts, and the baby is going to be the Rabbit. That’s the idea.”

Also at the event was Devious Maids actor Matt Cedeño, who just welcomed his first child, a son named Jaxon. He told Celebrity Baby Scoop about his experience in being a first-time dad.

“It’s all still a little surreal to me,” Matt said. “It almost feels like I am on an extended babysitting job, but it’s starting to sink in a little more each day. Every moment is gratifying. We just had Jaxon’s first social smile a few days ago. He always smiled while sleeping and he is very pensive in his waking moments. We were making goofy faces at him and he finally smiled!”

And what else has he been working on?

“We finished season one of Devious Maids and season two starts in January,” the talented actor said. “There is also an independent film in November that I’m supposed to do, as long as the funding for it doesn’t fall through.” is one of the most popular blogs on the topic and the foremost provider of everything celebrity-baby, featuring baby fashion, baby names, baby trends and up-to-the-minute celebrity baby gossip and pics. Get all the latest news, updates, and photos about Hollywood’s most beloved celebrity moms, dads and their babies. Who’s the latest Tinseltown baby? Who’s due next and who just announced a pregnancy? It’s all on

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