Lab Rats actor and father-of-one Hal Sparks updated us on his Halloween plans with his two-and-a-half-year-old son, Camden.

“I have an Iron Man suit for him, which is very exciting,” Hal shared. “At two-and-a-half, he’s kind of new to the whole prospect of Halloween. I am not going to commit him to trick-or-treating that early, but we will introduce him to the concept. The idea of going door-to-door while everyone is dressed really strange all of a sudden might scare him a little bit.

Picture this: you are just getting used to this place; you landed a little while ago from Planet Baby, you’ve been naked 80% of the time, and people are just starting to slap clothes on you occasionally, and mostly against your will. You aren’t even sure how to get the clothes on yet, and you just figured out how to put your hands through sleeves. You typically wear a shirt, pants, diaper, socks, and shoes, and that is your whole world. Now… someone wants to put a helmet on you and walk you around the neighborhood filled with people who suddenly look like monsters. That’s pretty freaky!”

And what are his upcoming projects?

“We just started season three of Lab Rats, so I am going to work on that for the next foreseeable bit,” Hal shared. “I am directing episode twelve this year, which is my first time directing on the show. Also my band Zero 1 and I have our second album coming out soon, which is called The Sacred Nothing. We’re also doing an EP called Monsterversity, which features cover songs of six different artists that were banned for six different reasons. It tells the story of why they were banned. Aside from that, I am doing stand-up comedy. I will soon be at Arizona State University, then two weeks after that I will be in Denver. I am also going to be just hanging out and doing nothing.”

True Lies act or Tom Arnold gushed about his excitement to celebrate Halloween with six-month-old son, Jaxson.

“It’s funny…my wife was at baby class last night and they apparently have Halloween,” Tom shared. “She pulled up all these costumes on the Internet and got ecstatic about dressing Jaxson up for Halloween. It is exciting! For many years, we tried to have a baby and would always get sad when trick-or-treaters stopped by our house. We wished we could be out there too! This year is going to be so great. Even though our son is going to be very small and won’t remember it, it will be such a wonderful experience.

Tom also shared his upcoming projects.

“I start a movie in two weeks and I’m shooting a pilot next week with the Duck Dynasty producers. Another movie I am in, Jewtopia, just came out and my movie Pulling Strings comes out on October 4th. Just a bunch of this and that, as well as stand-up comedy.”

Grammy-nominated singer Kelly Price also stopped by to chat with Celebrity Baby Scoop about what she loves about being a mom.

“I am a mom and a grandma now! My favorite part about being a mother is raising another little person and seeing everything I love about myself in another little person. I love realizing that they have the opportunity to grow up and be way better than I was.”

She also shared what she plans to do with her one-year-old granddaughter, Sydnee, for Halloween.

“Oh my gosh, I haven’t decided yet,” Kelly shared. “My granddaughter is young, as she’s only one year old I am trying to figure out what to dress her up as. She wears a tutu almost every day and absolutely loves it. We will probably go with something princess-y. She had Princess Tiana at her first birthday, so maybe we will dress her up as that.”

And what is the talented R&B singer currently working on?

“I am working on a television show right now called Too Fat For Fame,” Kelly said. ”I just finished the first casting round. I have always been plus-size, and it is really difficult in this industry to be plus-size and really be able to hit hard. I’ve been blessed to be Grammy-nominated and still be able to succeed in this business. Too Fat For Fame is a reality show I created, where I provide a platform for plus-size people who want to be in the business. No skinny people allowed!” [laughs]

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