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We love creating inspirational, uplifting content, and we are very excited to bring you our brand new, hot-off-the-presses Inspired Faith newsletter! Not only will Inspired Faith have stories from some of the most inspiring, bestselling authors, but we’re also going to bring you videos that have touched the hearts of millions of people.   The stories and videos that are featured in the Inspired Faith newsletters are from the leading inspirational giftbook provider, Simple Truths®.  Our editors at Beliefnet have worked with Simple Truths® to find the best and most inspiring stories and videos to share with you throughout the week. 

Many of the Inspired Faith newsletters will include a personal introduction from author, Mac Anderson, a leading inspirational writer. Click here to learn a little more about Mac.  Mac has personally worked with many of the authors that will be featured (and he's even written a few of the books himself). If anyone knows how to inspire, it’s Mac, and we know you’re going to love some of the passionate, moving, and heartwarming stories he has to share with you.

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