A few weeks later, my mammogram was negative for breast cancer and I was on my way to recovery.

I have met so many wonderful cancer survivors, with whom I share a bond and level of empathy that I can't explain. While I certainly wouldn't have chosen it, cancer has brought me many new inspirational friends who have all taught me different lessons. One of the most important is to not become a victim to this disease ... to persevere and move forward positively with my life. Each day is precious and I am reminded to be present with my family and friends, appreciating all the goodness that surrounds me.

I was recently very moved by a quote from Andrea Ivory, a breast cancer survivor and CNN 2009 Hero, who said, "I asked not why, but what for." That is a terrific philosophy to follow: to wonder what I am supposed to do with this knowledge and experience and how I can positively impact others. Andrea has already done something with her experience; she has started a mobile mammography service in Florida offering free screenings for women.

I have had many challenges in my life so far, but I am a stronger person for having them. With new opportunities and friendships, I have a clearer vision of what is truly important in my life and future. God has given me a new lease and I am going to do some great things with this one!

Without the challenges I've faced, I believe I would have never had this opportunity to write this book. When I met Mac Anderson, I was going through my battle with breast cancer and I shared my story with him one night, discovering he was a cancer survivor himself.


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