May 12, 2016

In Jesus’ name,


Prayer to Bless them With Positivity and Gratitude


My friend is beaten down after losing his job. Please, I ask you to bless him with positivity and gratitude. Help him to see all the amazing things that are to come from this blessing in disguise. I know you are planning something great for him to do with his life! His purpose on this Earth is hard for him to envision right now, so I ask you give him patience to wait until he’s able to understand. Let him turn his pain and suffering into something positive and gracious. As a friend, I will work hard to help him see all he has to be grateful for and offer the smile and hug he needs right now. Please use me to help him!


Don’t be afraid to turn to God when someone close to you loses a job. The job loss may be significant enough to hurt you too, and God will lend an ear for that as well. Let God use you as a vessel to help your friend during this difficult time.