June 03, 2016

When the enemy tries to tell you something negative, laugh out loud! If he whispers fear and paranoia into your mind, call him a liar and quote God’s Word to him, just as Jesus did when Satan was tempting Him in the wilderness. (See Matthew 4:1–11.)

Heed the True Anchor, Not the News Anchor

Most Christians read the Bible and pray when they are at a crossroads and need wisdom on what to do. Yet many of them make the mistake of seeking the Bible’s wisdom for every area of life except their finances! They consult the Word of God for answers to questions about health, emotions, relationships, and the like, but neglect to search the ultimate source of wisdom for financial advice—with tragic results.

I know a woman whose husband could not stay away from the news. He listened to, watched, or read the news all day and long into the night. Panic invaded his mind on a daily basis and also permeated his marriage and family, and his wife was at a loss for how to deal with the spirit of fear that had taken over her home.

Sadly, many people devote much of their attention to the news, whether by watching TV, listening to the radio, surfing the Internet, or checking Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites for updates. The news from these sources is almost always from man’s perspective, not God’s. Granted, being informed about world events is useful—how else can we know when to pray for change or when to rejoice over the fulfillment of God’s promises? But the fact remains that most news broadcasts emphasize the negative and end up inciting panic and undermining our confidence.

Watch What You Lean On

How many people do you know who trust the news without question? They are totally consumed with the opinions of man as their ultimate source of knowledge; they “lean on” worldly news and then wonder why they do not have peace and joy! Does the Bible say, “Trust in the news with all your heart, and it shall direct your path”? No! God’s Word tells us, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5–6). In the midst of a seesawing stock market and high unemployment, trusting in God’s provision can be a challenge. The key is to be more focused on His promises—His economy, as revealed in His Word—than on the world economy.

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