The National Council of Negro Women, a coalition of 200 community-based sections, works to promote equality for women in the black community.

These are some of the largest organizations, but there are many more, so do your research and donate a little time or money to the cause of women’s equality.

Spend Time With Her

One fundamental way to celebrate this holiday is to simply spend some time with the important women of your life. This might be a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a sister, or a friend, but whoever it might be, celebrate her.

And the best way to celebrate her? Simply listen. Ask her about her dreams or her favorite memories, or just what she’d like to do that day. Be open to her unique experiences and challenges.

Be there for the important women of your life on Women’s Equality Day, and take the time to make them happy, hear their concerns, and recognize their accomplishments.

Join the Cause

And finally, what’s the last great way you can celebrate this day?

By joining the cause, of course!

This doesn’t have to be a big event. Just make an internal decision to be more intentional about how you treat the women around you. If you’re a hiring manager in the STEM field, for example, give some thought about how you hire. If you’re a manger, consider the environment you create for your employees. If you’re a husband or father, pay attention to how you treat your wife or daughter.

Take the time to develop empathy, putting yourself into the shoes of the women around you. In doing this, you join the cause.

An Equal Society

Some make the mistake of correlating women’s equality with the debasement of males, but this isn’t the case. Equality is about just what it sounds like—equal opportunities for all. It’s about creating an “us” rather than a “them.”

Women’s Equality Day may have begun with the vote, but it didn’t end there. Celebrate this coming August 26th by doing your part in the quest to make the world a better place for everyone.

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