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Sagittarius in Love

For Sagittarius, life is an adventure and their love life must reflect this. Your Sagittarius lover is not the partner who will enjoy staying home night after night, unless they have a great deal of earth in their charts. They need to feel that they are free to leave town at a moment's notice, and they may not always want to bring you with them. Sagittarius loves to entertain and is usually happiest when the home is a center for friends and the sharing of ideas and philosophies. Because of the importance for Sagittarius of a sense of meaning in life, it will be fairly important that you share the values of your Sagittarius partner. While some Sagittarians can become judgmental regarding religious convictions, they are more likely to enjoy exploring new ideas. They are not the most attentive of lovers, and can be somewhat careless with the feelings of others. But few zodiac signs can match the spirit and sheer joy of a life with Sagittarius.



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