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9 Astrology Insights Into Libra

Libra, the Scales

The first six zodiac signs are concerned with matters of individual experience, but Libra is the first of the signs that are involved with others. Libra in fact represents the experience of relating to others on a one-to-one basis, including marriage, partnerships, enemies. Libra occurs at the point of the Autumn Equinox, when the days and nights are in balance once again, and this balance and harmony is key to a successful life for your Libra. Libra is sensitive to the needs of others and strives to create peace by creating balance in every situation. This makes them very pleasant to be around, but it often comes at the expense of their own happiness and inner balance. Continue reading to learn more about the Libra in your life – what inspires them, what makes them happy, how they work and play.



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