Another key configuration this summer (and continuing through mid 2007) is the opposition between Saturn and Neptune. This planetary configuration, present in the charts of artists, healers, musicians, and great literary figures, often correlates to the shattering of illusions. Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln (born on the same day Feb 12 1809 with Saturn-Neptune conjunct in their charts) altered history and in the process made a lot of people uncomfortable. The question to ask yourself right now is: Are you willing to let go of your perceptions and belief systems and expand your comfort zone to let in a higher truth?

Mars turns retrograde in the progressed U.S. chart this summer for the first time in our 230-year history and will remain so for approximately 70 years. Celestially, this monumental event implies that the use of force and a might-makes-right approach to international affairs will no longer be as effective as it was.

How’s the Weather?
Summer 2005 was marked by the nightmares of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Will June 21 to September 21, 2006 fare better? The summertime outlook across the nation is described here by ace astro-meteorologist Carolyn Egan:

In the West, look for warm and windy conditions along the coast with extreme weather events inland along the Rocky Mountains. High pressure will dominate the season, with the Southwest perhaps having extremely hot temperatures. In the central states, the season should be more moist and mild than last year. The moisture should carry over to the Great Lakes region but with periods of high heat midsummer. The southeastern states will be dry and windy with high heat making way for another hard hurricane season in the Southern states. Conditions in the heavens are eerily similar to those in September 1971, when Hurricane Edith devastated the region. Raging and destructive fires are likely as well. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states (Washington D.C. area) are under a stormy influence that has all the ingredients for extreme winds, severe thunderstorms, and periods of high heat for Maine, upper New Hampshire, and Vermont early in the season.

Silver Lining Ahead
Though lucky Jupiter goes direct on July 6, Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, is retrograde from July 4 to 28. Emotional memories will surface and working through unresolved past issues will lead to rewarding resolutions. The water grand trine between the sun, Jupiter, and Uranus will serve to even out an otherwise volatile season.

Vanity Fair astrologer Michael Lutin sums it up best, “Jupiter direct in early July is the perfect time to follow passions completely, emotionally, and creatively, but don’t get carried away. This is the summer to let your feelings out and expose yourself. Just don’t get arrested doing it.