You were praying for your husband’s salvation while he was jail, correct?

Michael was a new believer when he went to prison. I knew it was going to be tough for him, coming from the life he was in. Yeah, the whole church was praying for him. My mother was praying for him. My brothers were always praying for him—they were all young but involved in the church. Michael had a lot of people praying for him.

When did you realize that God had a bigger plan for your life?

Gosh. I just had to put my book on audio two weeks ago and sit there and read through the whole book. I had such a difficult time getting through it; you know I was overwhelming for me. There were so many pivotal moments in my life when God was so real and so revealing when I was at my lowest point. My mother always told me that God had a plan and a purpose for my life and mine and Michael’s life together. I think the second time that Michael got arrested, because he got another four and half years. I was sitting at home in a little sunroom and praying. [And] God kind of revealed to me the future he had. He [God] was going to really use these next four years to really strengthen Michael’s walk with him and when Michael came he would become a stronger man and a better Christian--a solider for God, and we will serve him in an amazing ministry. My mother once said to me ‘Watch what God is going to do with Mike’s life. He’s going to speak to like millions.' I think it really hit me when I saw the change in my husband and how he started to be more faithful and rely more on God.

 What would you like to achieve from writing this book?

People just don’t value marriage anymore. When things get tough or they’re not happy anymore, or he doesn’t make me happy anymore or I’m not in love anymore--they get a divorce. I just want people to have hope and be encouraged. You know that you can get through it. As women we are strong and can instill that in our young daughters when they make commitments to their husbands and to their families. God will see you through it and he will honor you in the end if you’re obedient to his word.

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