The ladies point out that Congress didn’t make it some undefined “happy holiday.”No, it was proudly proclaimed “Christmas.”

“’Holiday’ isn’t interchangeable with ‘Christmas,’” Brown said. “It’s Christmas tree, Christmas cookies, Christmas carols. If Christ were here, what would we say to


A sign near Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hanna says the point of the billboards is to “feed those poor in spirit.” She told Linonis that “people want the day off, want the gifts” but are missing the reason for the season — the birth of Jesus.

The idea is resonating across America — with similar billboards sponsored by similar groups of friends who want to proclaim Who’s birthday is being celebrated.

“It’s not a secular holiday,” Bennett added. “As Christians we have a calling to follow God’s example. He gave us his son. We need to take the Gospel message and help those less fortunate.”

“We’ve gotten beautiful letters from people saying they were inspired by the messages,” said See said. “The billboards remind people what Christmas is really about.”

A sign in Manhattan, NY

Most of their donations are small. Hanna said one person gave $1.50, which was what she could afford.

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