I recall being on the bow of the ship on a four o’clock watch in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. I looked up and actually saw a flock of golden geese flying in midair at sonic speed in the shape of an upside-down V. I knew that God had spoken a vision to me. I knew it was Him. What the vision was, I didn’t know at the time. But I knew God was making contact with me on a personal level. This vision of geese that I saw was real.

Little did I realize how great God was going to use me in His kingdom, but not before going through much hell and agony brought on by my own hands and sinful nature. One thing I know for sure is that sin will always take us farther than we intended to go.

larry manley book coverDr. Larry Manley is a Graduate of the Leadership Development Institute of Spartanburg, SC; he was born on September 1st, 1954 in Seneca, SC; holds a Doctorate of Divinity at Progressive Life Church; graduate of South Carolina Baptist Convention New Works Seminar; graduate of Granoff School of Music, Philadelphia, Pa. and asserted in business & finance.

He is a Faith Builder, extremely positive towards helping others, veteran leader with “high” revelations in the Lord, excellent communicator, loves working together for the common good of all mankind; writer, businessman, experienced leader in the community and is a builder of mankind.

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