If you choose to make an angel wish, follow these steps. You are to place three candles at the highest place in your home. Your refrigerator will work. Place these candles on a plate with sugar around them. They can be small candles or tea lights. Light the candles, and request three wishes to Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. You are to make one wish for business, one for love, and an impossible wish. After the third day, share this wish, by email, or a group, giving thanks to the angels.

When you start connecting and opening up yourself to the angels, you will be amazed as to where they show up. They appear in feather and angel shaped clouds. Sometimes, you can hear them sing or hear song you have not heard in a while play on the radio. Furthermore, feathers will show up in random places with no pillows. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open because anything is possible. It is okay that you continuously ask for signs, they do not tire of your requests, and they do not tire of continuously sending you messages. Sometimes, we need reminded every day that we are loved and everything will work out.

These encounters may not be grand miraculous gestures; even though they are subtle, they are very powerful when you experience them. Go ahead take the leap of faith and talk to the angels. You might think they are not there but they are always by your side. Do not try to over think it, and doubt that they are not listening. Trust the process and trust God and the angels are at work.

Even though you think you are not special to receive messages or help, you are phenomenal and very special to God and the angels. You can be an average person down on your luck; depressed, and lost, they will always find you. Please, do not lose heart, be honest, truthful, and open to what God has to say or show you. Remember, you do not have to be a devout churchgoer or memorize the Bible to have a relationship with God because all you need is faith.