Selected Articles and Essays From Beliefnet's Angel Archive


"About Angels"
By William Webber
What do we really know about angels?

"Angels on the Job"
By David Rottman
The angel archetype and the role it plays in the workplace.

"Meetings With Angels"
By Robert L. Van de Castle
What dreamers are saying about their angelic encounters.


To the Archangel Michael

To the Archangel Gabriel


"What No Halo! No Wings!"
Can human beings become angels?


"Walking With the Right Angels"
By Rabbi Morris B. Margolies
How the path of life can be made easier by walking with the angels.

"The Language of Angels"
By Fr. Pascal P. Parente
How the angels speak to us.

"Guardian Angels Follow the Law"
By Migene Gonzalez-Whippler
Calling on your guardian angel is often good insurance.

"Angels on the Increase"
By David Lawson
An exercises for creating abundance.

"Angels of Healing and Compassion"
By David Lawson
How to call on the angels to help you with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

"Izrail Takes the Life of an Ascetic"
By Kabbani
A Sufi story about the Angel of Death.

"To Hear the Angels Sings"
By Dorothy MacLean
To talk with angels is really a way of talking with ourselves and with each other in new and profoundly deeper ways.

"Four Angels Dressed in Black"
By Marilynn Webber
A woman trusts the guidance given to her about her health.

Excerpted from "The Angel Oracle," published in the United States by St. Martin's Press, NYC. Text copyright © Ambika Wauters 1995. Card illustrations copyright © Warren Maddill / MEIKLEJOHN 1995