In writing fiction that describes angelic warfare, it would be necessary for you to use “sanctified imagination.”  But since the Bible teaches that angels do not die, I can offer no methods, such as a stake through the heart, to kill a dangerous angel. The best fictional examples describing angelic warfare I have found is in Max Lucado’s book “An Angel’s Story,” originally published as “Cosmic Christmas.” It is included in “The Max Lucado Christmas Collection.”

Does God listen personally to our prayers or does an angel transcribe it for his eyes to view later? I've noticed God has a three day turnaround time on my prayer requests.
- Chris N.

God personally hears each prayer. Only God can do this. God is everywhere and knows all things. There is no “three day turnaround” for prayer requests. God is not behind in answering prayers. If you are in a crisis and need immediate help, you do not need to wait three days for God to answer. God answers every prayer at the time he knows is right. Some prayers are answered instantaneously; others may be answered years later.

I thought someone said that Amos was an African-American angel. Also, that he was the drunken angel. Enlighten me if I’m wrong.

- Shirley A.

The person who said that Amos was an African-American angel was confused. Angels are spirit beings and do not belong to any human racial group. Most likely the idea of “Amos” being an African-American angel can be traced back to the song written by Shawn Ellis Amos, the youngest son of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie founder, Wally Amos. His song “Angel in Black,” with its starkly poetic lyrics, was featured in the Miramax film “The Prophecy.”  Read More: Are There Black Angels?

Which angel guards the gates of Heaven?
- Jeri C.

Although there is lore about the tasks assigned to angels in heaven, the Bible never gives such information.  Read More: Does Gabriel Welcome You at Heaven's Gates?

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