I followed her into the den and she took out a large photo album from beneath the coffee table and began flipping through the pages with determination. At last, she came to a group of photographs and handed me the album.

“Is this the lady?” she asked.

My eyes grew wide with disbelief as I looked at the picture. The same silver locket was around her neck and the same loose black curls surrounded her sweet, heart-shaped face.

“Yes,” I whispered. “This is the same lady in the dream and at the beach house. Who is she?” I asked.

“She was my older sister, your Aunt Orla,” my mother said. “She died before you were born. Orla was pregnant at the time of her death and they were unable to save the child, so they were buried together. Orla always wanted a house beside the ocean,” she added wistfully. “I gave her the locket she was wearing, in the picture, for her birthday.”

“The baby--it was with her,” I choked, “a baby girl with dark curls! And [Orla] was wearing the locket!”

My mother’s eyes filled with tears as she took my hand, listening carefully as I described to her the lovely blue chiffon dress and the lemonade that she had given me.

“She loved lemonade, and blue was her favorite color,” Mother said. “In fact, she was buried in a dress very similar to the one that you described.”

For the remainder of my pregnancy, all was well and I had a healthy baby boy. I felt the presence of Aunt Orla was all around me, extending a tranquility that I could never describe. Even now, I often think about my vision of Aunt Orla at her beach house and the message that she brought to me in a dream.

As to how I managed to walk into that portal, that lovely stage set in a mansion by the sea, with the rhythm of waves and soft moonlight to accompany our conversation, I may never know. I do know the portal is very real, and the spirits of those that we love are watching and guiding us along the path that leads to eternal life.

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