Just because you cannot immediately perceive something does not mean it is not real. Your mind "tunes out" many things around you all the time, but if you really pay attention, you’ll be amazed by what you are missing. One of the keys to connecting with your angel is to increase your ability to perceive. If you are not listening for something, you won’t hear it, but if you concentrate with real focus on your senses, it is remarkable what you will pick up. In this way, you can signal your angel that you are ready and willing to communicate, that you are reaching toward its higher level of perception and awareness. Your angel is waiting for such a signal.

Angels are beings of pure spirit and energy that have a higher level of consciousness. It therefore makes sense that your angel can be near you at all times without you sensing its presence in your day-to-day life. You have accepted your limited sense as the norm of your existence. But you can change your expectations so that you can bridge the gap between you and your angel. With effort you can sense and accomplish things that some would call miracles. Witness the stories of holy men and women around the world who have connected with the divine through love and dedication. The key is to expand your awareness, both of what is around you and what is within you. By using effective visualization techniques, meditations, mental exercises, and prayers, you can see and communicate with your Guardian Angel.

Preparing to Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

Before you begin to communicate with your Guardian Angel, you must prepare yourself by opening your senses and your mind. It generally requires both mental and emotional preparation before you are ready to meet and form a lasting relationship with your angel.

Mental preparation is perhaps the most important task. Before you can deal with something or communicate with it, you have to accept that it exists. How many times have you walked past a new picture on the wall or a book out of place on a shelf and not seen it? You missed seeing it because your mind did not expect to see it! I often lose my keys. Sometimes they are right in front of me, but if they are out of place I often just don’t "see" them until my wife points them out. She can see them because she doesn’t expect them to be elsewhere, I can’t see them because I don’t expect to see them there.

What does this have to do with your angel? You need to realize that your angel can be next to you without you always being aware of it. All it takes is a simple shift in perception to reveal this divine being to you! It’s not that your angel appears or disappears; it is simply that you change your viewpoint. The other day, I sat next to a friend on a bus without even noticing her. She didn’t notice me either! After a few minutes, of course, we both recognized each other and laughed. We hadn’t expected to see each other on that bus, and so we simply didn’t. One minute she was just a nameless person; a second later, she "appeared" as my friend! In just this way, you don’t expect to meet your Guardian Angel, so you don’t. So, the first step in preparing yourself to meet your Guardian Angel is to change your expectations—change what you think you will experience. Cultivate a belief that your angel exists and that you will meet it if you simply shift your perceptions. When you do, you’ll be halfway down the path to connecting with your Guardian Angel. 

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