What has happened to romance for the sake of romance, and love for the sake of love? In this day and age of commercialization, it’s hard not to feel the pressure to get the perfect gift and to have the perfect day of romance for your Valentine. Quality time with our Valentine seems to be replaced by “quick, get a dinner reservation before all the restaurants are filled up” and “quick, get a present that will show and prove how much you care and love your Valentine.”

It is more important to think consciously and creatively about what you want to do with and for your partner on Valentine’s Day. If you weren’t pressured to buy and do, what might you create that has internal meaning for both you and your Valentine? What does your Valentine mean to you? What does your relationship mean to you? How might you genuinely, rather than habitually, express this? Perhaps by writing a poem, going for walk, or making your own Valentine or present…a Valentine’s Day celebration can come from the heart rather than from expectations.

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