Many people believe we are born with a soul. I believe that our soul is the product of an entire life; it's something you make. It's shaped by how often you are kind to others, by how you treat your children, by how hard you work for the things you care about. Life is a dazzling and confusing array of choices, and what you do makes you who you are. We may begin life with different personalities and different situations, but what matters is not what we start out with but what we end with, and how we confront everything in between. Every religion, at its core, gives us advice on the best way to live, but in the end it's a choice we make only for ourselves. We may choose to feed the starving or kill the innocent, but no matter what our earthly rewards or punishments may be, every action we take makes us who we are. And what, at last, could be more precious than the quality of our own character, and the integrity of our soul?

--Julia Darcey

I'm a twenty-year old, so my view on life is still somewhat...hazy. I need to live more. I don't know if I'm being original-if I'm not, at least I arrived at this on my own-but I think that the real meaning of life is "to look for the meaning of life." It's not a circular definition-I'm just saying that the generalization of something this profound is wrong.

Six billion people in the world, all different from the inside out, might have something in common, but the meaning of life? It should be more like "what's the meaning of your life?" What are you? Why are you here? What are you looking for?

I'm still looking for my purpose, and I believe that's the meaning of life: to look for it.
--David Yim

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