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Important News From the
Clown Academy

An Interview With God
What would you ask?

Laughing in Church
Can you? Should you? Find out!

Did Jesus Laugh?

Oy Gevalt!
Beliefnet users confess what cracked them up in services.

Why I (Almost) Like Tax Time

Mom's Last Laugh
Sometimes, in life's most difficult moments, happiness catches us by surprise.
by Robin Lee Shope

Again God Gets The Punchline
"There was a tradesman, a painter called Jack..."

The Streetcar Conductor
A gang of toughs surrounded his car. Time for...a joke?
Reprinted with permission from "How to Become a Sweet Old Lady Instead of a Grumpy Old Grouch"
by Marilynn Carlson Webber. Published by Zondervan.

Church Bulletin Blunders
Two traveling angels stopped to spend the night...

Grace Happens
Can anything good come out of Traffic Court?

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