5 Things You May Not Know About Jesus and the Bible

Did you know …

by Rob Kerby, Senior Editor    

Here are five truths you probably don’t know about Jesus and the Bible!


1. The Old Testament is about Jesus. “Consider what Jesus Himself said about the Scriptures,” writes author Frank Viola. “You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me!” “It is for this reason,” writes Viola “that statements such as ‘according to the prophets,’ ‘as it is written,’ ‘according to the Scriptures,’ ‘that the Scripture might be fulfilled,’ and ‘in all the Scriptures’” are peppered throughout the entire New Testament.


“What is more,” writes Viola, who prefers to use the terms First Testament and Second Testament for the Old and New Testaments, “the Second Testament authors consistently interpreted the First Testament writings in the light of Christ. Many believe that the Second Testament writers simply used parts of the First Testament as proof texts to show that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah of Israel and Lord of the world. But this is not the case. The Second Testament writers consistently quoted or cited large sections of the First Testament, using them to unfold the Jesus story.”

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