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Stroke is a brain injury that occurs when the brain's blood supply is interrupted. Without oxygen and nutrients from blood, brain tissue starts to die rapidly, resulting in a sudden loss of function.


Transient ischemic attack (TIA) refers to temporary brain dysfunction due to a shortage of blood and oxygen. It is sometimes referred to as a "mini-stroke." TIA is a serious condition that serves as a warning for a stroke.


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Stroke: do you know the symptoms & risk factors?

Each minute that ticks by after a stroke begins brings death to more brain tissue. Know the signs. A call for help could save a life. Read more here.

Image for stroke prevention articleRecommendations for stroke survivors

People who survive a stroke often suffer serious, long-term disability. Stroke damage can result in paralysis, numbness, imbalance, and difficulty thinking and communicating. While there is no way to reverse the effects of a stroke, it is possible to regain some of the function lost during a stroke. Read more here.

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