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Concerned about your stress levels? This 25-question assessment is based on key areas of your life—relationships, work, attitude, and physical symptoms.

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Stress in Everyday Life

Are you suffering from job burnout?

A study from Rutgers University reports that almost half of American workers are either "very" or "extremely" concerned about work-related stress. And these concerns directly impact workplace satisfaction and on-the-job performance. Learn how you can reduce stress at work.

Stressing out: when commuting is your life

Studies show that the stress of commuting can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. How can you ease your mind and improve your health?

Business travel blues: something stressful in the air

It may feel like work and travel are stressing you out, but you allow it to happen. What can you do to keep calm and relaxed when you're on the road?

  Special Topics (Continued)

Too stressed for sex?

If your sex life is taking a back seat to the rest of your life, stress may well be the culprit. So how can you rev up that libido in spite of your weary bones and scattered thoughts?

Tips for reducing stress in your life Animation Movie Available

The National Mental Health Association offers the following tips for reducing or controlling stress.

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