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The American food supply is probably the safest in the world. But, if food isn't handled correctly and becomes contaminated, it can still can make you sick. More

  Foodborne Illnesses


Listeriosis is a serious infection caused by eating food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes . The disease affects primarily pregnant women, newborns, and adults with weakened immune systems. It can be avoided by following a few simple recommendations.

Mad cow disease revisited: now that it's here, what do we do?

Read here to find out what the US has done to prevent the spread of mad cow disease.

  Preventing Foodborne Illness

Eating well—and safely—during your golden years

The elderly are often cautioned about certain foods, but does this apply to everyone over age 65? Find out how to eat safely into your golden years.

All about shellfish

Read here to find out about shellfish poisoning and what the proper guidelines are for cooking these tasty creatures.

Safe microwave cooking

Microwave ovens don’t cook food like other appliances. But, there are some things the cook can do to prepare food safely and deliciously in a microwave.

  Preventing Foodborne Illness (Continued)

Keep your holiday foods safe

Eggnog…cookies…cured ham…assorted cheeses. Enjoying these holiday favorites means knowing how to make them safe for consumption.

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Summertime...and the grilling is easy

Read here to find out how to practice food safety while enjoying your grill during the summer months.

Food expiration dates: what do they really mean?

Almost any food can become contaminated if handled improperly, but foods that are purchased or used after their expiration dates may be more likely to contain spoilage bacteria or other pathogens. Read here to find out more.

  Special Topics

The growing problem of food poisoning: is irradiation the answer?

Scientists and the FDA both agree that irradiation has the potential to significantly reduce the number of deaths caused by foodborne illness. What should you know about irradiation?

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