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  General Overview

An eating disorder is a complex psychological illness characterized by a distorted body image, an intense fear of gaining weight, and an obsession with food.


Find answers in our in-depth report on eating disorders:

  Living With Eating Disorders

In her own words: living with anorexia and bulimia

Read how one woman was able to recover from anorexia and bulimia.

A family's guide to tackling eating disorders

A struggle with an eating disorder is a family affair. What can you do if one of your family members has an eating disorder?

Eating disorders: when food and weight take control

Eating disorders can disrupt school, work, and relationships and cause serious health problems that may require ongoing medical care and even hospitalization. In severe cases, they can cause permanent disability and even death.

  Treating Eating Disorders

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

Several different drugs are considered SSRIs, but in one way or another they all work to increase levels of serotonin in the brain, a chemical believed to affect mood.

  Treating Eating Disorders (Continued)
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How to choose a therapist or counselor

Before you jump into therapy, there are important issues that you need to consider.

How well do antidepressants really work?

Approximately seven million Americans take antidepressant drugs for depression and a variety of other disorders. A study, however, puts the effectiveness of antidepressants in question. Do they really work or is their purported effectiveness little more than marketing hype?

Group therapy: can it help you?

Although many people can't imagine sharing their problems with a group, group therapy is a way for individuals to work on their problems in a protected and confidential atmosphere.

Mental health practitioners: who’s who?

If you or someone you love needs therapy, it helps to know the difference between the types of mental health professionals.

  Special Topics

Osteoporosis, breast cancer, and eating disorders: not just for women

Many men—unaware that these diseases affect both sexes—may fail to recognize symptoms. Likewise, doctors and families often don't suspect these illnesses, which delays therapy and makes disorders difficult to treat.

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  Natural and Alternative Treatments (By Condition)

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