Living a Balanced Life with Lupus

Illness cure image A lupus diagnosis can leave you reeling. Initially, it may be a relief to have a name for the fatigue and pain you have, but what now? Chronic diseases need a lifetime of care. It will impact not only your health but your lifestyle as well. Lupus can create physical changes, mental health challenges, and affect your personal relationships. It may be frustrating to feel limits and setbacks, but know that there is a lot you can do to manage lupus.


Lupus is a disease marked by periods of remission with no symptoms, offset by periods of symptom flare-ups. A flare-up is an unwelcome and often frustrating event. Symptoms will vary from person to person. But for each individual, the flare-ups may be similar each time. They may include:
  • Persistent fatigue, weakness
  • Loss of appetite, recurring abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting
  • Unusual headaches, aching all over
  • Painful and swollen joints, increased swelling of the feet and legs, stiff joints in the morning
  • Unexplained skin rash, hives, sores on skin, increasing hair loss, sores on roof of the mouth
  • Fever
  • Involuntary weight loss
  • Recurring nosebleeds, coughing up blood
  • Shortness of breath, pain in chest when breathing
  • Blood in urine
  • Neuropsychiatric symptoms may include:
You will most likely be able to recognize signs that a flare-up is on the way and even understand the triggers. Triggers can be from regular habits like poor diet, lack of sleep, too much stress, and exposure to colds, the flu or sunlight. You cannot completely control all flare-ups, but you can better understand them. Keep a journal when flare-ups start. Track the symptoms and triggers. The more you know about the flare-ups the better you can decrease their intensity or frequency.

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