Complications of Diabetes


Peripheral Neuropathy:Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy:Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy:Cataracts:Foot UlcersImmunity and InfectionsLower Leg Swelling (Microangiopathy):Peripheral Neuropathy:Retinopathy:

For more information on natural treatments for diabetes in general, see the full Diabetes article. This entry discusses natural treatments for the complications of diabetes. Diabetes is an illness that damages many organs in the body, including the heart and blood vessels, nerves, kidneys, and eyes. Most of this damage is believed to be caused by the toxic effects of abnormally high blood sugar, although other factors may play a role as well.So-called "tight" control of blood sugar greatly reduces all complications of diabetes. Some of the natural treatments described here may help as well.

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